Now, I am a professor at State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University. I'm working in the area of computer graphics. Current interests are mainly in real-time rendering, realistic rendering, GPU-based computation and 3D display techniques. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2007 and my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 2001. I was a visiting associate professor host by Prof. Kavita Bala at Cornell University in 2012-2014.
    Now, I am recruiting master and Ph.D. students.


Associate Editor Computer Graphics Forum
Program Committee Member High Performance Graphics 2015, 2017, 2018 SIGGRAPH Asia Poster/Brief, 2017, 2018 Chinagraph 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 CAD/Graphics 2017, GRAPP 2016, 2017, 2018
Reviewer for Journals ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), Computers & Graphics (C&G), The Visual Computer(TVCJ)
Reviewer for Conferences ACM SIGGRAPH & ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, EUROGRAPHICS (EG), High Performance Graphics (HPG), Pacific Graphics (PG), Chinese Conference on Computer Graphics (Chinagraph)

Selected Publications

Real-Time Rendering of Stereo-Consistent Contours

Dejing He, Rui Wang, Hujun Bao
IEEE VR, 2019.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
Tile Pair-Based Adaptive Multi-Rate Stereo Shading

Yazhen Yuan, Rui Wang, Hujun Bao
to appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
On-the-Fly Power-Aware Rendering

Yunjin Zhang, Marta OrtinObon, Victor Arellano, Rui Wang, Diego Gutierrez, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), 37 (4), 2018.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
Runtime Shader Simplification via Instant Search in Reduced Optimization Space

Yuanya Zheng, Rui Wang, Tianlei Hu, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), 37 (4), 2018.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
Real-Time Linear BRDF MIP-Mapping

Chao Xu, Rui Wang, Shuang Zhao, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), 2017.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
ExploreTree: Interactive Tree Modeling in Semantic Trait Space with Online Intent Learning

Yinhui Yang, Rui Wang, Hongxin Zhang, Hujun Bao
Graphical Models, Volume 91, Pages 39-51, May 2017.
 [paper]  [project]
Adaptive Matrix Column Sampling and Completion for Rendering Participating Media

Yuchi Huo, Rui Wang, Tianlei Hu, Wei Hua, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 35(6), 11 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016.
 [paper]  [supplemental document]  [project]
Real-time Rendering on A Power Budget

Rui Wang, Bowen Yu, Julio Marco, Tianlei Hu, Diego Gutierrez, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 35(4), 11 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH 2016.
 [paper]  [video]  [supplemental document]  [project]
Grayscale Performance Enhancement for Time-multiplexing Light Field Rendering

Chen Su, Qing Zhong, Yifan Peng, Liang Xu, Haifeng Li, Rui Wang, Xu Liu
Optics Express Vol. 23, Issue 25, pp. 32622-32632 (2015).
A Matrix Sampling-and-Recovery Approach for Many-Lights Rendering

Yuchi Huo, Rui Wang, Shihao Jin, Xinguo Liu, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 34(6), 12 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015.
 [paper]  [supplemental document]  [project]
Level-set-based partitioning and packing optimization of a printable model

Miaojun Yao, Zhili Chen, Linjie Luo, Rui Wang, Huamin Wang
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 34(6), 11 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015.
 [paper]  [video]
Realtime Rendering Glossy to Glossy Reflections in Screen Space

Chao Xu, Rui Wang, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum, 34(7), p57-66, Pacific Graphics 2015.
 [paper]  [video]  
Simplified and Tessellated Mesh for Realtime High Quality Rendering

Yazhen Yuan, Rui Wang, Jin Huang, Yanming Jia, Hujun Bao
Computers & Graphics, 54, p135-144, CAD/GRAPHICS 2015.
 [paper]  [video]  [project]
Automatic Shader Simplification Using Surface Signal Approximation

Rui Wang, Xianjin Yang, Yazhen Yuan, Wei Chen, Kavita Bala, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 33(6), 11 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014.
 [paper]  [supplemental document]  [video]  [project]
Variational Tree Synthesis

Rui Wang, Yinhui Yang, Hongxin Zhang, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum, 33(8), pp. 82-94, December 2014.
Parallel and Adaptive Visibility Sampling for Rendering Dynamic Scenes with Spatially-Varying Reflectance

Rui Wang, Minghao Pan, Xiang Han, Weifeng Chen, Hujun Bao
CAD/GRAPHICS 2013, Computers & Graphics, vol.38, pp. 374-381, February 2014.
 [paper]  [supplemental document]
GPU-based Out-of-Core Many-Lights Rendering

Rui Wang, Yuchi Huo, Yazhen Yuan, Kun Zhou, Wei Hua, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 32(6), Article 210, 10 pages, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013.
 [paper]  [supplemental document]  [project]
Analytic Double Product Integrals for All-Frequency Relighting

Rui Wang, Minghao Pan, Weifeng Chen, Zhong Ren, Kun Zhou, Wei Hua, Hujun Bao
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), vol.19, no.7, pp. 1133-1142, July 2013.
 [paper] [supplemental document]
Late-News Paper: Footprint of Scalable 3D Telecommunication: Using Integral Light Field Display and Kinect-based Capture

Yifan Peng, Qing Zhong, Xiang Han, Li Yuan, Rui Wang, Hujun Bao, Haifeng Li, Xu Liu
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 44 (1), pp. 589-592, May 2013.
Self-calibration Three-dimensional Light Field Display Based on Scalable Multi-LCDs

Yifan Peng, Haifeng Li, Rui Wang, Qing Zhong, Xiang Han, Zisheng Cao, Xu Liu
Journal of the Society for Information Display, Volume 20, Issue 12, pp. 653-660, December 2012.
Compressing Repeated Content within Large-scale Remote Sensing Images

Wei Hua, Rui Wang, Xusheng Zeng, Ying Tang, Huamin Wang, Hujun Bao
The Visual Computer, 28(6-8), pp. 755-764, 2012
Perceptually-motivated shape exaggeration

Xin Zhang, Wei Chen, Jing Fang, Rui Wang, Qunsheng Peng
The Visual Computer, 26 (7-9), pp. 985-995, 2010
An Efficient GPU-based Approach for Interactive Global Illumination

Rui Wang, Rui Wang, Kun Zhou, Minghao Pan, Hujun Bao
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 28(3), No. 91, ACM SIGGRAPH 2009
 [paper]  [video]  [supplemental document]
Fast, Sub-pixel Antialiased Shadow Maps

Minghao Pan, Rui Wang, Weifeng Chen, Kun Zhou, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum, 28(7), pp. 1927-1934, Pacific Graphics 2009
 [paper]  [video]
Real-Time KD-Tree Construction on Graphics Hardware

Kun Zhou, Qiming Hou, Rui Wang, Baining Guo
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 27(5), No. 126, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
 [paper]  [video]
Real-time Editing and Relighting of Homogeneous Translucent Materials

Rui Wang, Ewen Cheslack-Postava, Rui Wang, David Luebke, Qianyong Chen, Wei Hua, Qunsheng Peng, Hujun Bao
The Visual Computer, 24 (7-9), pp. 565-575, 2008
 [paper]  [video]
Precomputed Radiance Transfer Field for Rendering Interrelections of Dynamic Scenes

Minghao Pan, Rui Wang, Xinguo Liu, Qunsheng Peng, Hujun Bao
Computer Graphics Forum, 26(3), pp. 485-C493, Eurographic 2007
 [paper]  [slides]  [video1]  [video2]  [video3]
Real-time Soft Shadows in Dynamic Scenes using Spherical Harmonic Exponentiation

Zhong Ren, Rui Wang, John Snyder, Kun Zhou, Xinguo Liu, Bo Sun, Peter-Pike Sloan, Hujun Bao, Qunsheng Peng, Baining Guo
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 25(3), pp. 977 - 986, ACM SIGGRAPH 2006
 [paper]  [video]
Variational Sphere Set Approximation for Solid Objects

Rui Wang, Kun Zhou, John Snyder, Xinguo Liu, Hujun Bao, Qunsheng Peng, Baining Guo
The Visual Computer, 22(9-11), pp. 612-621, 2006
Synthesizing trees by plantons

Rui Wang, Wei Hua, Zilong Dong, Qunsheng Peng, Hujun Bao
The Visual Computer, 22(4), pp. 238-248, 2006
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Ph.D.: Yinghui Yang, Yuchi Huo (co-advised by Hujun Bao), Yazhen Yuan (co-advised by Hujun Bao), Chao Xu (co-advised by Hujun Bao), Yunjing Zhang .
M.S.: Bowen Yu, Pengpeng Wu, Qi Song, Yuzhi Liang, Xianlong Ge, Tao Gao, Jiali Pan, Shaoyuan Li(co-advised by Wei Hua).


Minghao Pan (Ph.D 2010 co-advised by Hujun Bao, Crytek), Xusheng Zeng (MS 2011 co-advised by Wei Hua, Tencent Game), Song Jiang (MS 2012, NetEase Game), Shu Xu (MS 2013 co-advised by Wei Hua, Baidu), Yingqing Wu (MS 2013, NetEase Game), Xianjing Yang (MS 2014, KAUST), Xiang Han (MS 2014, Tencent Game), Zhigang Zhao (MS 2014, NetEase Game), Yu Wang (MS 2014, Renren Network), Yucheng Zhong (BS 2012, UWO), Jingyi Hu (BS 2014, Booming Game), Li Yuan (MS 2015, Google, US), Tengfei Huang (MS 2015, Baidu, Shanghai), Shihao Jin (MS 2016, Haomaiyi), Guohong Wu (MS 2016, NetEase Game), Haohua Liu (MS 2016, Baidu).