About Me

I am Hongxin Zhang, a Ph.D. graduated from Mathematics Department, Zhejiang University, China. I am an associate professor and a faculty member of the State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University.

During July~November 2001, I visited the Visual Computing Group at Microsoft Research Asia , Beijing. Then I spent one year (2002~2003) in Hong Kong, working with the Vision and Computer Graphics Group at HKUST, Hong Kong. During December 2004 ~ June 2005, I worked with the Computer Graphics Group at RWTH-Aachen, Germany.



My research is in the fields of Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling. And currently I am focusing on the topics of cute geometric modeling by using geometric computing and visual computing techniques, including:
  • Geometric computing and modeling
    • Digital geometric processing
    • Surface representations (differential surfaces representations, subdivision surfaces, implicit surfaces)
    • Modeling by examples, 3D architecture modeling and blueprint recognition
  • Visual computing and analytics
    • Large scale data visualization
    • Texture mapping and texture synthesis
    • Image based modeling and rendering (BRDF estimations, etc.)
    • GPU techniques
  • Cloud computing and AI
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