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Digital Asset Management 2018


The course focuses on how to access, protect, retrieve and re-use digital media asset. The topics to be covered are: general formats on digital media and related conversion techniques, multimedia database, digital rights management, multimedia networking and retrieving of multimedia resource. Moreover, specific applications, including digital resource management for computer animation and games, as well as solutions for digital library are thoroughly discussed in this course by integrating commercial software.

The course is open to undergraduate students of College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University

For many reasons, related materials are also posted in github. Please visit the course site in github


Classroom & Time

  • Room 520, Foreign trade building, Yu-Quan District, Zhejiang University
  • 2:05PM - 3:40PM, Tuesday / 3:55PM - 5:30PM, Thursday


Topic Date Slides Course note
Introduction 2018.09.18 Introduction Chapter 1
What is digital asset management Skills
Additional reading
Digital Media Format (1) 2018.09.20 Image file formatLZW-JS DemoMore Examples of LZW Chapter 2
Digital Media Format (2) 2018.09.25 Image and Audio Chapter 2
Digital Media Format (3) 2018.09.27 Video and HTML html5-demohtml5-slides Chapter 2
Digital Media Format (4) 2018.10.xx HTML, XML and graphics Chapter 2
Zen CSS Garden
Multimedia Database (1) 2018.10.xx Challenge Chapter 3
Multimedia Database (2) 2018.10.xx Metadata 国外常用元数据介绍What is MD? Chapter 3
Multimedia Database (3) 2018.10.xx Media Storage Chapter 3
MongoDB GridFS介绍
Digital Right (1) 2018.10.xx DRM Architecture Chapter 4
Digital Right (2) 2018.10.xx DRM Techniques Chapter 4
Streaming Multimedia (1) 2018.10.xx QoS and Protocol Chapter 5
Streaming Multimedia (2) 2018.11.xx Protocol and applications Chapter 5
Digital Media retrieval (1) 2018.11.xx Image retrieval Chapter 6
Digital Media retrieval (2) 2018.11.xx Audio retrieval Chapter 6
Digital Media retrieval (3) 2018.11.xx Video retrieval and processing Chapter 6
Game Development 自学 Game Chapter 7
Digital Library 自学 Digital Library Chapter 8
Project Presentation 2018.11.xx 项目分组名单
Final examination 2018.11.xx Total review


  1. Course note (课堂笔记): dam2017-hw05.pdf (deadline, 2018-11-xx)
  2. Content collection: dam2017-hw01.pdf (deadline, 2018-10-xx)
  3. Assets cataloging: dam2017-hw02.pdf (deadline, 2018-10-xx) (an excellent example)
  4. Acquire data from internet: dam2017-hw02a.pdf (deadline, 2018-10-xx)
  5. Image watermarking: dam2017-hw03.pdf (deadline, 2018-11-xx)
  6. Image similarity computing: dam2017-hw04.pdf (deadline, 2017-11-xx) Additional reference More and pHash 10 Image samples

Course Project

  1. 大作业要求 (deadline, 2018-xx-xx)



  1. Node.js: online tutorial
  2. Web js framework: yeoman
  3. Image processing: gm

Final Examination

  • 时间:2018年11月 (2小时)
  • 地点:玉泉校区
  • 内容:试卷(20分) + 一次课堂笔记(10分)

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