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benefits_of_thai [Computer Graphics 2011]

Thai massage is a great source of benefits for health and results which actually work. A lot of those who are taught to give Thai massages enjoy a completely different degree of relaxation. It's a state that can change your mindset. This article will examine the benefits that Thai massage can bring to the body of the individual.

Thai massage is well-known for its noticeable physiological changes. Thai massage incorporates elements of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medical practices. Unlike traditional Western-style massages, it doesn't require lying down on a table while a massage therapist rubs the muscles and applies pressure to various pressure points while lying still. Thai massage, unlike other types, is performed standing or sitting.

This results in better blood flow and improved flexibility. Thai massage therapy is known for its ability to relax muscles, which can lead to anxiety and pain. Numerous studies have revealed that Thai massage is helpful in relieving tension in the muscles. Some therapists incorporate Thai massage therapy during their sessions in order to help patients who suffer from chronic tension and stress like back pain. Massage therapy has been found to help reduce symptoms related to heart disease as well as reduce the signs of aging.

Another advantage of Thai massage is that it improves one's flexibility. Numerous research studies have been conducted on this subject. One study observed that those who attended regular Thai massages showed a substantial reduction in muscular pain when compared with those who did not participate. Regular massages revealed that the participants were less stiff and suffered less pain from osteoarthritis. Interestingly, participants who received more frequent treatments were less likely discomfort in their lower back or in their knees.

Alongside the mentioned health benefits, some Western researchers are studying the impact of Thai massage on mood and stress. A study revealed that students in college who were exposed to Thai massage frequently reported lower levels of stress than those who hadn't. The participants had lower levels of fatigue, as well as improved sleep quality. Thai massage has also been proven to increase attention and memory. One study found that elderly people who were regularly treated to Thai massages were more likely information and perform better in cognitive tasks than those who didn't. A different study suggests that regular Thai massage may actually help prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers have also looked at the effects of Thai massage on athletic performance. The method appears to be beneficial, especially when athletes are suffering from increased levels of soreness and pain due to repetitive use. For example, swimmers noticed less pain and improved swimming performance after undergoing the six-week course of Thai massage. Tennis players also reported having increased their flexibility following an exercise course that included Thai massage. After receiving an Thai massage golfers reported a more efficient performance and less pain tolerance. It was surprising to learn that researchers discovered that those who competed in a triathlon in the outdoors were more flexible and had less stiffness in their muscles after the session of Thai massage.

Another study explored the effects of Thai massage on geriatric and cancer patients. The participants in the four-day program of Thai Massage experienced greater muscle flexibility, lower back pain, better sleeping quality and less disability in those who were receiving radiation or chemotherapy. Patients who participated in cancer treatment programs saw greater pain control improvements and improved overall wellbeing following five days of Thai massage class. Participants who took part in a yoga-like poses program had greater relief from stiffness and pain, when those who participated in a meditation-based breathing exercises course only experienced improved breathing control and physical comfort.

Studies have revealed that Thai massage is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga because it has some of the same advantages of more well-known yoga. But, most practitioners aren't familiar with traditional Thai massage techniques. If they're exposed to it, they might consider it to be a different form of yoga. When practicing Thai massage, the individual can relax and keep the body in certain poses for a few minutes at a time, often taking one repetition or a set of repetitions in each posture. The forms are based upon yoga postures, but the aim is to achieve a state of relaxation that is constant. The practitioner doesn't have to be active during the course as in yoga.

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