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Tui Na, which translates to “Pushing & grasping” is an ancient bodywork therapy technique which has been practiced in China for more than 2,000 years. The word “tui na” is not mentioned in contemporary Chinese literature until the Ming Dynasty (13ines-1380) where it first appears in a work on pediatrics. In recent times, there have been many books and articles published on this therapy which describe its history, its benefits, and application. Numerous massage chairs incorporate Tui-Na in their therapeutic treatment plans. For those who are unfamiliar about this type of therapy and its benefits, here are some fundamentals to help you understand it:

For aiding in massage techniques and exercises, this therapy makes use of fingers, thumbs and palms. Tui na, as the name suggests, helps to eliminate blockages that have been which are caused by the use of acupuncture. The therapy is beneficial for many reasons. It reduces tension, pain, stiffness and helps to speed up the healing of joints. It is utilized to relieve back pain, headaches cramps, arthritis and headaches.

In order to perform the various Tui Na techniques The practitioner must be very knowledgeable about the different conditions that can be treated. It is crucial for the practitioner to first understand the condition before executing the proper strategies to treat the issue. If a patient experiences pressure on an area of their body then he/she must perform these exercises to alleviate the pressure. This technique is usually done by pressing on a specific meridians (where energy is formed) in the body.

The Tui Na massage by hand or electronically. The practitioner applies gentle pressure to specific points in the body. The massage is performed manually. This is beneficial since it improves circulation of blood as well as the flow of qi within the meridian channel. The electronic tui-na therapy, which makes use of electrodes to stimulate the meridian channels, boosts energy flow.

Tui Na therapy may also have the effect of relieving pain in both chronic and acute pain conditions. But, it is imperative consult with your physician prior to starting treatment to ensure that they are able to identify the suitable medication and dosage. You should be feeling the effects within one session although there are reports of individuals getting relief after multiple sessions. Indeed, some claim to have felt less pain as they continued to receive massage treatments frequently.

Acupuncture is the common method used by practitioners of tui the therapy. This involves placing thin, sterilized needles on specific points on the meridians. These points are believed to connect to various organs or parts of the body based on where the needle has been placed. According to the tui-na acupuncturist, the acupuncture treatment can improve the functions of an acupoint, thus helping to ease pain. However, it is to be not forgotten that many people who had tried acupuncture reported that it is very difficult to feel any effects from the treatment . Some experienced pain at times.

Tui Na and acupuncture do have some similarities. Both Chinese treatments and Tui Na make up a larger set of medical practices known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM's main objective is to improve overall health and living quality by reconciling nature and restoring harmony. This approach is not restricted to meridians or functions, but also encompasses a holistic approach that incorporates diagnostics and prevention as much as treatment and rehabilitation.

Tui na massage as well as Acupuncture can be used together. A majority of practitioners believe both systems are best when they are practiced in conjunction. Tui na and acupuncture are both able to be practiced separately, but if you want to reap the maximum benefits and reap the most benefits, it is best to learn them both from a master practitioner. For best results, both methods need to be practiced with skill and knowledge. Acupuncturists are masters at their craft , and can teach you all types of tui Na massage techniques, including facial neck, head, and shoulder massages. As a newbie it is essential to make sure that you have the correct background and the experience and Deep tissue massage skills required to give yourself a comprehensive understanding of the tui na technique before you begin treating your own clients. This will ensure that you reap the maximum benefit out of your education.

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