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Algorithm Python Competition

Please accomplish 5 of following competition work in python. And please hand out before 2011-08-01.

About Python

Python is a powerful but easy-to-use script language for daily software development. In this course, we mainly use it as a standard tool to learn mathematical skills. Several useful links are listed as following for your reference:

Competition 1

Polynomial function fitting on noisy data, please include regularity term.

Competition 2

Design a framework so as can be used for solve MLE and MAP problem on Binomial (and multi-nomial) Distribution.

Competition 3

K-means on n-dimensional data

Competition 4

EM method of MOG on n-dimensional data.

Competition 5

ISO-map on n-dimensional data.

Competition 6

AdaBoost applied on 2-dimensional data.

Competition 7

Digits “3” recognition based on PCA.

Competition 8

Viterbi Algorithm.

Competition 9

2D SVM classifier.

Competition 10

Poisson image editing.

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