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Traffic and Urban Planning

SmartAdP: Visual Analytics of Large-scale Taxi Trajectories for Selecting Billboard Locations
Dongyu Liu, Di Weng, Yuhong Li, Jie Bao, Yu Zheng, Huamin Qu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Yingcai Wu (Zhejiang Univeristy)

SemanticTraj: A New Approach to Interacting with Massive Taxi Trajectories
Shamal AL-Dohuki, Farah Kamw, Ye Zhao(Kent State University), Chao Ma, Yingyu Wu, Jing Yang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Xinyue Ye, Fei Wang, Xin Li, and Wei Chen (Zhejiang Univeristy)

Embedding Spatio-temporal Information into Maps by Route-Zooming
Guodao Sun (Zhejiang University of Technology), Ronghua Liang (Zhejiang University of Technology), Huamin Qu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yingcai Wu (Zhejiang Univeristy)

Vis-A-Ware: Integrating Spatial and Non-Spatial Visualization for Visibility-Aware Urban Plannin
Thomas Ortner, Johannes Sorger, Harald Steinlechner, Gerd Hesina, Harald Piringer, Eduard Groeller (Vienna University of Technology)

Exploratory Analysis

Visualizing Dimension Coverage to Support Exploratory Analysis
Ali Sarvghad, Melanie Tory(University of Victoria), and Narges Mahyar (University of Victoria)

Image-based Search of Interesting Matrix Views for Guided Network Exploration
Michael Behrisch(University of Konstanz), Benjamin Bach (Microsoft Research), Michael Hund, Michael Delz, Laura von Rüden, Jean-Daniel Fekete (Inria), and Tobias Schreck(University of Konstanz)

A Grammar-based Approach for Modeling User Interactions and Generating Suggestions During the Data Exploration Process
Filip Dabek and Jesus J Caban

A Visual Analytics Approach for Categorical Joint Distribution Reconstruction from Marginal Projections
Cong Xie, Wen Zhong, and Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)

Supporting Visual Exploration for Multiple Users in Large Display Environments
Sriram Karthik Badam, Fereshteh Amini (University of Manitoba), Niklas Elmqvist, Pourang Irani(University of Mnitoba)

Machine Learning

Squares: Supporting Interactive Performance Analysis for Multiclass Classifiers
Donghao Ren(University of California, Santa Barbara), Saleema Amershi, Bongshin Lee (Microsoft Research), Jina Suh, and Jason D. Williams

An Analysis of Machine- and Human-Analytics in Classification
Gary K. L. Tam, Vivek Kothari, and Min Chen (University of Oxford)

Multi-Resolution Climate Ensemble Parameter Analysis with Nested Parallel Coordinates Plots
Junpeng Wang (Virginia Tech), Xiaotong Liu, Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University), and Guang Lin

Towards Better Analysis of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Mengchen Liu, Jiaxin Shi, Zhen Li, Chongxuan Li, Jun Zhu, and Shixia Liu (Tsinghua University)

Visualizing the Hidden Activity of Artificial Neural Networks
Paulo E. Rauber, Samuel G. Fadel, Alexandre X. Falcão, and Alexandru C. Telea

Textual Data

NameClarifier: A Visual Analytics System for Author Name Disambiguation
Qiaomu Shen, Tongshuang Wu, Haiyan Yang, Yanhong Wu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Huamin Qu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Weiwei Cui(MSRA)

TopicLens: Efficient Multi-Level Visual Topic Exploration of Large-Scale Document Collections
Minjeong Kim, Kyeongpil Kang, Deokgun Park, Jaegul Choo (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Niklas Elmqvist

TextTile: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Seamless Exploratory Analysis of Structured Data and Unstructured Text
Cristian Felix, Anshul Vikram Pandey, and Enrico Bertini(New York University)

DocuCompass: Effective Exploration of Document Landscapes
Florian Heimerl (Universität Stuttgart), Markus John, Qi Han, Steffen Koch, Thomas Ertl(University of Stuttgart)

Online Visual Analytics of Text Streams
Shixia Liu (Tsinghua University), Jialun Yin, Xiting Wang, Weiwei Cui, Kelei Cao, Jian Pei

Managing Visual Analytics Process

Characterizing Guidance in Visual Analytics
Davide Ceneda, Theresia Gschwandtner, Thorsten May, Silvia Miksch, Hans-Jörg Schulz (Graz University of Technology), Marc Streit, and Christian Tominski

Toward Theoretical Techniques for Measuring the Use of Human Effort in Visual Analytic Systems
R. Jordan Crouser(Tufts University), Lyndsey Franklin, Alex Endert, and Kris Cook

Designing Progressive and Interactive Analytics Processes for High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Cagatay Turkay, Erdem Kaya, Selim Balcisoy, and Helwig Hauser(Vienna University of Technology)

What May Visualization Processes Optimize?
Min Chen (University of Oxford) , Amos Golan

Approximated and User Steerable tSNE for Progressive Visual Analytics
Nicola Pezzotti, Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt, Laurens van der Maaten, Thomas Höllt (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Elmar Eisemann, Anna Vilanova (TU Eindhoven)

Biomedical Visualization

AnaFe: Visual Analytics of Image-derived Temporal Features – Focusing on the Spleen
Ievgeniia Gutenko, Konstantin Dmitriev, Arie E. Kaufman (Stony Brook University (SUNY)), and Matthew A. Barish

Blockwise Human Brain Network Visual Comparison Using NodeTrix Representation
Xinsong Yang, Lei Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Madelaine Daianu, Hanghang Tong(The City University of New York), Qingsong Liu, and Paul Thompson

PhenoStacks: Cross-Sectional Cohort Phenotype Comparison Visualizations
Michael Glueck, Alina Gvozdik, Fanny Chevalier(INRIA), Azam Khan, Michael Brudno, and Daniel Wigdor

C2A: Crowd Consensus Analytics for Virtual Colonoscopy
Ji Hwan Park, Saad Nadeem, Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini, Arie Kaufman(Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University)

The DataSpace for HIV Vaccine Studies
David McColgin, Paul Hoover, Mark Igra

Social Media Data and Events

D-Map: Visual Analysis of Ego-centric Information Diffusion Patterns in Social Media
Siming Chen, Shuai Chen, Zhenhuang Wang, Jie Liang (Peking University), Xiaoru Yuan (Peking University), Nan Cao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yadong Wu

How Ideas Flow across Multiple Social Groups
Xiting Wang, Shixia Liu (Tsinghua University), Yang Chen, Tai-Quan Peng, Jing Su, Jing Yang(University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC)), Baining Guo(MSRA)

EventAction: Visual Analytics for Temporal Event Sequence Recommendation
Fan Du, Catherine Plaisant, Neil Spring, Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland)

SocialBrands: Visual Analysis of Public Perceptions of Brands on Social Media
Xiaotong Liu, Anbang Xu, Liang Gou, Haibin Liu, Rama Akkiraju, Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University)

Coping with Volume and Variety in Temporal Event Sequences: Strategies for Sharpening Analytic Focus
Fan Du, Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland), Catherine Plaisant, Sana Malik, Adam Perer

Complementing Visual and Algorithmic Analysis

AxiSketcher: Interactive Nonlinear Axis Mapping of Visualizations through User Drawings
Bum Chul Kwon, Hannah Kim, Emily Wall, Jaegul Choo (Georgia Institute of Technology), Haesun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Alex Endert

VisMatchmaker: Cooperation of the User and the Computer in Centralized Matching Adjustment
Po-Ming Law, Wenchao Wu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yixian Zheng(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Huamin Qu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Visual Interaction with Dimensionality Reduction: A Structured Literature Analysis
Dominik Sacha (University of Konstanz), Leishi Zhang, Michael Sedlmair (Universität Wien), John A. Lee, Jaakko Peltonen (Aalto University), Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart), Stephen C. North, and Daniel A. Keim (University of Konstanz)

VisFlow - Web-based Visualization Framework for Tabular Data with a Subset Flow Model
Bowen Yu (New York University) and Cláudio T. Silva

DimScanner: A Relation-based Visual Exploration Approach Towards Data Dimension Inspection
Jing Xia, Wei Chen(Zhejiang University), Yumeng Hou, Wanqi Hu, Xinxin Huang, David Ebert (Purdue University)

Visual Knowledge Discovery and Sensemaking

Annotation Graphs: A Graph-Based Visualization for Meta-Analysis of Data based on User-Authored Annotations
Jian Zhao, Michael Glueck, Simon Breslav, Fanny Chevalier(INRIA), and Azam Khan

Familiarity Vs Trust: A Comparative Study of Domain Scientists’ Trust in Visual Analytics and Conventional Analysis Methods
Aritra Dasgupta, Joon-Yong Lee, Ryan Wilson, Robert A. Lafrance, Nick Cramer, Kristin Cook, and Samuel Payne

What do Constraint Programming Users Want to See? Exploring the role of Visualisation in Profiling of Models and Search
Sarah Goodwin, Christopher Mears(Monash University), Tim Dwyer(Monash University), Maria Garcia de la Banda, Guido Tack, and Mark Wallace(Monash University)

SenseMap: Supporting Browser-based Online Sensemaking through Analytic Provenance
Phong Nguyen, Kai Xu, Andy Bardill, Betul Salman, Kate Herd, William Wong

PorosityAnalyzer: Visual Analysis and Evaluation of Segmentation Pipelines to Determine the Porosity in Fiber-Reinforced Polymers
Johannes Weissenböck, Artem Amirkhanov, Eduard Gröller, Johann Kastner, Christoph Heinzl

User Behaviors

Visual Analytics for Mobile Eye Tracking
Kuno Kurzhals (University of Stuttgart), Marcel Hlawatsch (VISUS, University of Stuttgart), Christof Seeger, and Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgar)

GazeDx: Interactive Visual Analytics Framework for Comparative Gaze Analysis with Volumetric Medical Images
Hyunjoo Song(Seoul National University), Jeongjin Lee, Tae Jung Kim, Kyoung Ho Lee, Bohyoung Kim, and Jinwook Seo(Seoul National University)

Patterns and Sequences: Interactive Exploration of Clickstreams to Understand Common Visitor Paths
Zhicheng Liu (Stanford University), Yang Wang, Mira Dontcheva, Matthew Hoffman, Seth Walker, and Alan Wilson

Analyzing Eye-Tracking Information in Visualization and Data Space: from Where on the Screen to What on the Screen
Sayeed Safayet Alam, Radu Jianu (Florida International University)

Education and Games

Visual Analysis of MOOC Forums with iForum
Siwei Fu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Jian Zhao, Weiwei Cui(MSRA), and Huamin Qu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

A Visual Analytics Approach for Understanding Reasons behind Snowballing and Comeback in MOBA Games
Quan Li, Peng Xu, Yeuk Yin Chan, Yun Wang, Zhipeng Wang, Huamin Qu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Xiaojuan Ma

DropoutSeer: Visualizing Learning Patterns in Massive Open Online Courses for Dropout Reasoning and Prediction
Yuanzhe Chen, Qing Chen, Mingqian Zhao, Sebastien Boyer, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Huamin Qu((Hong Kong University of Science and Technoledge)

PeakVizor: Visual Analytics of Peaks in Video Clickstreams from Massive Open Online Courses
Qing Chen, Yuanzhe Chen, Dongyu Liu, Conglei Shi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yingcai Wu (Zhejiang Univeristy), Huamin Qu((Hong Kong University of Science and Technoledge)

Time Series Data

ViDX: Visual Diagnostics of Assembly Line Performance in Smart Factories
Panpan Xu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Honghui Mei, Liu Ren, and Wei Chen (Zhejiang Univeristy)

Shape Grammar Extraction for Efficient Query-by-Sketch Pattern Matching in Long Time Series
Prithiviraj Muthumanickam, Katerina Vrotsou, Matthew Cooper, Jimmy Johansson (Linköping University)

The Semantics of Sketch: A Visual Query System for Time Series Data
Michael Correll (University of Wisconsin), Michael Gleicher (University of Wisconsin)

Visual Analysis and Coding of Data-Rich User Behavior
Tanja Blascheck (University of Stuttgart), Fabian Beck, Sebastian Baltes, Thomas Ertl(University of Stuttgart), Daniel Weiskopf(University of Stuttgart )

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