¡¤ First-prize of Excellent Achievements for Young Teachers in Zhejiang Univ. (1996)

¡¤ Third-prize of National Education Committee in China(1997)

¡¤ First-prize of Excellent Teachers in Zhejiang University(1998)

¡¤ Second-prize of Zhejiang Education Committee in Zhejiang University(1998)

¡¤ Enrolled in 151 Excellent Personnel Plan in Zhejiang Province

¡¤ Listed as young scientist of Zhejiang Province(2000)

¡¤ First-prize of Excellent Achievements for Young Teachers in China. (2000)

Other activities
Member of Editorial Boards

¡¤ The International Journal of Virtual Reality, USA

¡¤ International Journal of CAD/CAM, Korea

¡¤ Computers & Graphics, Pergamon Press, USA (Guest Editor)

¡¤ International Journal of Image and Graphics, Singapore

Member of

¡¤ Computer Society of Image and Graphics

¡¤ ACM - Siggraph

International Conferences, Workshops and Symposias Board Member

¡¤the Depute Director of the Machine Perception and Virtual Reality Committee, China Association of Artificial Intelligence; the Steering Committee member of VRCAI series conference. He is the organizing committee chair of VRAI¡¯2002, the co-chair of the organizing committee of VRAI¡¯2003, ICIG¡¯2002, Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop on Computer Graphics Education¡¯2004; and the program co-chair of ICIG¡¯2004.
VRAI¡¯2002- Virtual Reality and its Application in Industry, Hangzhou, China, 2002

¡¤ IEEE VR¡¯2002 ¨C IEEE Int.Conference on Virtual Reality, 2002

¡¤ CSCWID¡¯2002 -Int.Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, 2002, Canada

¡¤ IJIG¡¯2002 - Int.Conference on Image and Graphics, 2002, China

¡¤ GTEC¡¯2002- Int.Conference on Game Technology, 2002, HK, China