Ming Li

Ming Li

Research Interest

My research efforts are mainly devoted to exploring advanced computational theory and techniques to revolutionize functional product design. It currently mainly involves researches in functional porous structure design, topology optimization, digital materials and deep learning. It has turned out more than 30 publications in leading international publications, including JCAD, CMAME, IJNME, C&S etc.

Recent Publications

Xu, C., Li, M*., Huang, J., Gao, S. (2017). Efficient biscale design of semiregular porous structures with desired deformation behavior. Computers & Structures, 182, 284-295, 2017.

Xu, C., Gao S, Li M*. A novel PCA-based microstructure descriptor for heterogeneous material design.Computational Materials Science, 130:39-49, 2017.

L. Zhu, M. Li*, and R. Martin. "Direct simulation for CAD models undergoing parametric modifications." Special Issue of ACM Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM) 2016 in Computer-Aided Design, 2016.