IDesign: Integrated & Intelligent Structure Design and Analysis

     Our research efforts are mainly devoted to exploring advanced computational theory and techniques to revolutionize functional product design procedure, and to advance the development of cutting-edge engineering design and analysis algorithms and technologies. It focuses on a seamless integrated design and analysis workflow to achieve a full design automation, and an intelligent developing strategy to leverage numerical analysis, computational physics, artificial intelligence and parallel computing to produce a high-standard performance. The research is related to various aspects of engineering structure design fields, in particular, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Additive Manufacturing, Meta-materials and porous structures, biscale topology optimization. The research has turned out more than 50 publications in leading international publications, including JCAD, CMAME, IJNME, JCP etc, and found wide industrial applications in key national development. The researches are currently supported by projects from NSFC, the Ministry of Science and Technology and leading technological companies.



Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Analysis of heterogeneous structures of non-separated scales using curved bridge nodes.

Journal of Computational Physics

Design optimization of interconnected porous structures using extended triply periodic minimal surfaces.

The Visual Computer

A novel application framework for self-supporting topology optimization

Computer-Aided Design

Cellular structure design based on free material optimization under connectivity control


Building print-ready structures in biscale topology optimization framework

Visual Informatics

Direct design to stress mapping for cellular structures

Computer-Aided Design

Free isotropic material optimization via second order cone programming

Computer-Aided Design

Texture-guided generative structural designs under local control

Our Team

Ming Li

Design Optimization
Digital Material and Structures
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Design

Liangchao Zhu

Interactive Simulation
Optimum Structural Design

Xingtong Yang

Topology optimizatiom
Optimization algorithm

Dengyang Zhao

Topology optimization
Additive Manufacturing
GPU Computing

Jingqiao Hu

Two-scale optimization
Inverse homogenization

Wenbo Xu

Graph Neural Network
Deep Learning

Wei Chen

Crash Simulation

Peng Shen

Prognostic and Health Management
Deep Learning
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Students interested in intelligent design, deep learning, digital materials, and flexible robotics are welcome to apply for graduate studies. Applicants are required to have some experience in computer programming or computing theories and methods.

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  • State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. 310058, Hangzhou, China.