Ming Li


Recent activities

[2013.10.24] Report: Report at on "Toward analysis-reliable design simplification" in MAMENC 2013, Beijing.

[2013.10.21] Submission: Estimation of impacts of removing arbitrarily constrained domain details to the analysis of incompressible fluid flows. Submitted.

[2013.10.11] Submission: Second-order defeaturing error for multiple features Submitted.

[2013.9.28] Visiting: Visiting Prof. Pingbing Ming from Chinese Academy of Sciences on multiscale simulation.

[2013.9.16-9.23] Hosting: Hosting visit of Prof. Ralph Martin from Cardiff University, UK.

[2013.8.23] Visiting: Visiting Dr. Zhiping Xu from Tsing University on nano-scale material simulation.

[2013.8.9-8.16] Hosting : Hosting visit of Dr. Xuefeng Liu from Waseda University, Japan.

[2013.6.29] Report : Keynote report at CCF YOCSEFon 3D printing, Hangzhou.

[2013.6.16-21] Conference : Attending Computer-Aided Design and Applications 2013, Bergamo, Italy.

[2012.11.20] Publication : Ming Li, Shuming Gao, Kai Zhang. A goal-oriented error estimator for the analysis of simplified designs. Accepted by Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering.

[2012.11.1-2012.11.7] Visiting: Visiting Prof. B. Mourrain in INRIA, Nice, France.

[2012.10.28-2012.10.31] Conference: Attending ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, Dijon, France.

[2012.8] Funding: Geometry Optimization and Process Simulation of Complex Objects. 3/5, 2,600,000 CNY, Granted by NSFC.

[2012.6] Publication: Ming Li , Shuming Gao, Ralph Martin. Engineering analysis error estimation when removing finite-sized features in nonlinear elliptic problems. Accepted by ACM Solid and Physical Modeling 2012.

[2012.4] Conference: Attending IEEE Advances in Geometric Modeling and Processing 2012 , Huangshan, China P.R.

[2012.3] Publication: Hua Zhu, Shuming Gao, Ming Li, Wanbin Pan. Adaptive Tetrahedral Remeshing for Modified Solid Models. Accepted by GMP2012.