IMSD Group

State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University

Intelligent Material and Strucure Design

     Our research efforts are mainly devoted to exploring advanced computational theory and techniques to revolutionize functional product design, and to advance the development of cutting-edge CAD technologies. It currently mainly involves researches in functional porous structure design, intelligent design on neural network, digital materials and digital twins. It has turned out more than 40 publications in leading international publications, including JCAD, CMAME, IJNME, C&S etc. The researches are currently supported by projects from NSFC, the Ministry of Science and Technology and leading technological companies.


The new student enrollment period has started. Competent students are welcome to join our group on intelligent design and applications, 201909.

20190822-20190826, the 22nd conference on CAD&CG, Yinchuan, Ninxia Province, China PR.

Congratulation Liangchao Zhu on his paper published in visual informatices, 201908.

Congratulation Dengyang Zhao on Winning best paper of i3CDDE, 201908.

20190706-20190711, International Congress and Conferences on Computational Design and Engineering (i3CDDE), Penang, Malaysia, Dengyang Zhao.

20190616-20190623 ACM Solid and Physical Modeling (ACM SPM), Vacouver, Canada

20180609-20180614 ACM Solid and Physical Modeling (ACM SPM), Bilba, Spain

20180708-20180713 Computer-Aided Design & Applications (CAD&A), Paris, France

20180824-20180830 ASME DETEC/CIE, Quebec City, Canda.

20181031-20181104 Asian Congress and Conferences on Computational Design and Engineering (ACDDE), Okinawa, Japan.