Solid Mathematical Marbling

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2017, 37(2): 90-98.

Shufang Lu, Xiaogang Jin, Aubrey Jaffer, Fei Gao, and Xiaoyang Mao


Results of our vector solid marbling textures mapped onto different 3D objects.


Years of research have been devoted to computer-generated two-dimensional marbling. However, three-dimensional marbling has yet to be explored. In this paper, we present mathematical marbling of three-dimensional solids which supports a compact random-access vector representation. Our solid marbling textures are created by composing closed-form 3D pattern tool functions. The resulting representation is feature preserving and resolution-independent. When implemented on the GPU, our representation enables efficient color evaluation during the real-time solid marbling texture mapping. Our method consumes very little memory because only the mathematical functions and their corresponding parameters are stored. In addition, we develop an intuitive user interface and a genetic algorithm to facilitate the solid marbling texture authoring process. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach through various solid marbling textures and 3D objects carved from them.