(Image: http://www.imageafter.com/image.php?image=b20architecture_exteriors188.jpg&dl=1)Falcon will implement Vic-Bisley's fifth year contract option According to reports, cheap jerseys the Falcon will let Vic Beasley return to the full-time defensive end and let him stay in the team.

According to Atlanta media reports, the team general manager Thomas Dimitroff announced on Wednesday that the team will implement the fifth annual contract option in Bisley.

Bisley is the No. 8 show in 2015, Cheap nfl Jerseys From China the Falcon's 2016 season, he completed 15.5 killing. However, Cheap Jerseys From China the last season was changed to the line, and the Efficiency of Bisley was plummeted, only 5 killed. So the head coach Dan Quinn decided to let him return to the most comfortable position.

(Image: http://www.imageafter.com/image.php?image=b17paul220.jpg&dl=1)If the 2018 season is not satisfactory, the Falcon may also consider withdraw the decision to perform the contract option.

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