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Digital Asset Management 2009


The course focuses on how to access, protect, retrieve and re-use digital media asset. The topics to be covered are: general formats on digital media and related conversion techniques, multimedia database, digital rights management, multimedia networking and retrieving of multimedia resource. Moreover, specific applications, including digital resource management for computer animation and games, as well as solutions for digital library are thoroughly discussed in this course by integrating commercial software.

The course is open to undergraduate students of College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University



Tuesday, Room 204, Cao-Guang-Biao Building, Yu-Quan District, Zhejiang University

Thursday, Room 412, Building 4, Yu-Quan District, Zhejiang University


9:50-11:30, Tuesday/Thursday


Topic Date Slides Course note
Introduction 2009.09.15 Introduction lesson00
What is digital asset management
Addtional reading
Digital Media Format (I) 2009.09.17 Image file format lesson01
Digital Media Format (II) 2009.09.22 Audio file format lesson02
Video file format
Digital Media Format (III) 2009.09.24 HTML and XML lesson03
Graphics - 3D Format
Homework (I) 2009.09.24 homework assignment
Multimedia Database (I) 2009.09.29 Multimedia database introduction lesson04
Homework (II) 2009.09.29 homework assignment
Multimedia Database (II) 2009.10.09 Multimedia database technique lesson05
Multimedia Database (III) 2009.10.13 Multimedia database technique lesson06
Course Project 2009.10.13 Requirement
Digital Right (I) 2009.10.15 Digital Right Management lesson07
Digital Right (II) 2009.10.20 Revisit lesson08
Streaming Multimedia (I) 2009.10.22 What is and how lesson09
Streaming Multimedia (II) 2009.10.27 p2p-phone and etc lesson10
Digital Media retrieval (I) 2009.10.29 Image retrieval lesson11
Digital Media retrieval (II) 2009.11.03 Music retrieval lesson12
Digital Media retrieval (III) 2009.11.05 Video retrieval lesson13

Final Examination

Time: 2009.11.20

Former courseware


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