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a_long-standing_t_adition_still_developing_today [Computer Graphics 2011]

Reflexology can be described as a holistic medical practice that uses physical touch with the hands and fingers of the patient to boost general health and vitality. Patients can boost their health through gentle stimulation of the skin or applying pressure on it. Since the 19th century , when Chinese Herbal Medicine was first made available, this method is in use. It is the American Reflexology Certification Board certifies the most modern practitioners. Reflexologists need to have qualifications or 성남출장안마 professional experience before they are allowed to practice in all 50 states.

Reflexology is different from other modalities to diagnose health. It does not use sets or rolls. It instead focuses on the principle that certain regions of the body react the best when pressure is applied. By following the natural path of these areas will ease pain and prevent disease. Reflexology is a simple method of diagnosis that identifies those areas that show symptoms. It requires an extensive examination to determine the reason. The problem can be divided into five different zones that represent the anatomical structures of the body.

Western physicians and scientists have discovered four main reflexological zones, though there may be other locations as well. The four main zones include the head, cheek, hand, and cheek zones. The Head Zone (also called brainstem) is the term used to describe the inside of the ear, brow zone or forehead, cheek zone which covers the facial area and that surrounds the mouth, as well as hand zone, which covers the middle of the arm's upper. The Egyptians of the past identified these zones according to whether or not the body was directly linked to the ground. Thus, if a person held hands that were connected to the ground, they were said to have an'anthropoderm,' and those with hands floating over the surface would be said to have a humusthropoid body. Patients and physicians of the present confuse the definition especially when words such as humusthropoid and anthropoderm are interchangeable.

Hippocrates is regarded as the founder of medicine, and the first to mention the therapy. Hippocrates said that the method that was used to treat Hippocrates is reflexology. Hippocrates loved natural therapies during his time. He based his belief on the idea that various areas of the body respond to 'pressure points,' which are described in detail through the Theory of Relation. He also emphasized the fact that many diseases are caused by the central nervous system.

The exact origin of reflexology has been lost in the mists of the past. Although some people believe that the practice originated in China Others believe the practice originated from Greece. Some believe that it was brought to the Greeks through the priests who were curing people with acupressure. It is believed that it was introduced to the world by the Egyptians who used it for general ailments. Today, some practitioners believe it's American herbal medicine that gave rise to the popularity of it.

Reflexology was referred to in early Egypt as'maharti' or'massage therapy'. It was originally practiced by Roman soldiers they believed it would keep them healthy during battle. One theory states that it originated from the Phoenicians, as they used the paste for relieving tension in the muscles. However, today, most experts agree that it originated way back in the 3rd millennium B.C.

Although there are no scientific studies supporting the idea of reflexology being a therapeutic treatment, it is clear that more than one third of the people in this country are taking an alternative form of medicine. As more research is done to understand the physiological processes of the human body and how the various organs work in concert, we'll soon be able to recognize the real benefits of reflexology. For now, however we know it is effective for the alleviation of pain caused by arthritis as well as other muscular ailments. Stress, which is a cause of insomnia in the medical sense is also relieved by its use.

Many questions remain unanswered in the development of reflexology. However, its history and development since ancient egypt is a case study in itself. To discover the healing properties of this remarkable therapy we must continue studying it.

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