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Clustering, Classification, and Correlation

Visual Cluster Exploration of Web Clickstream Data
Jishang Wei (University of California, Davis), Zeqian Shen, Neel Sundaresan (eBay Research Labs), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)

An Adaptive Parameter Space-Filling Algorithm for Highly Interactive Cluster Exploration
Zafar Ahmed, Chris Weaver (University of Oklahoma)

Inter-Active Learning of Ad-Hoc Classifiers for Video Visual Analytics
Benjamin Höferlin (University of Osnabrück), Rudolf Netzel, Markus Höferlin, Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart), Gunther Heidemann (University of Osnabrück)

[TVCG] Scatter/Gather Clustering: Flexibly Incorporating User Feedback to Steer Clustering Results
Mahmud Hossain, Praveen Ojili (Virginia Tech), Cindy Grimm (Washington University), Rolf Müller, Layne Watson, Naren Ramakrishnan (Virginia Tech)

A Correlative Analysis Process in a Visual Analytics Environment
Abish Malik (Purdue University), Ross Maciejewski (Arizona State University), Yun Jang (Sejong University), Whitney Huang, Niklas Elmqvist, David Ebert (Purdue University)

Visual-Computational Analysis of Multivariate Data

Visual Pattern Discovery using Random Projections
Anushka Anand, Leland Wilkinson, Tuan Nhon Dang (University of Illinois at Chicago)

iLAMP: Exploring High-Dimensional Spacing Through Backward Multidimensional Projection
Elisa Portes dos Santos Amorim, Emilio Vital Brazil (University of Calgary), Joel Daniel II (NYU Polytechnic Institute), Paulo Joia, Luis Gustavo Nonato (University of Sao Paulo), Mario Costa Sousa (University of Calgary)

Subspace Search and Visualization to Make Sense of Alternative Clusterings in High-Dimensional Data
Andrada Tatu, Fabian Maaß (University of Konstanz), Ines Färber (RWTH Aachen University), Enrico Bertini, Tobias Schreck (University of Konstanz), Thomas Seidl (RWTH Aachen University), Daniel Keim (University of Konstanz)

Just-in-Time Annotation of Clusters, Outliers, and Trends in Point-based Data Visualizations
Eser Kandogan (IBM Center for Advanced Visualization, IBM Research)

Dis-Function: Learning Distance Functions Interactively
Eli T. Brown, Jingjing Liu, Carla E. Brodley, Remco Chang (Tufts University)

Text and Categorical Data Analysis

[TVCG] Visual Classifier Training for Text Document Retrieval
Florian Heimerl, Steffen Koch, Harald Bosch, Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

LeadLine: Interactive Visual Analysis of Text Data through Event Identification and Exploration
Wenwen Dou, Xiaoyu Wang, Drew Skau, William Ribarsky (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Michelle Zhou (IBM Almaden Research Center)

Relative N-Gram Signatures: Document Visualization at the Level of Character N-Grams
Magdalena Jankowska, Vlado Keselj, Evangelos Milios (Dalhousie University)

[TVCG] [Honorable Mention] Reinventing the Contingency Wheel: Scalable Visual Analytics of Large Categorical Data
Bilal Alsallakh, Wolfgang Aigner, Silvia Miksch, Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

The Deshredder: A Visual Analytic Approach to Reconstructing Shredded Documents
Patrick Butler, Prithwish Chakraborty, Naren Ramakrishnan (Virginia Tech)

Sensemaking and Collaboration

[TVCG] An Affordance-Based Framework for Human Computation and Human-Computer Collaboration
R. Jordan Crouser, Remco Chang (Tufts University)

[TVCG] Examining the Use of a Visual Analytics System for Sensemaking Tasks: Case Studies with Domain Experts
Youn-ah Kang (Google Inc.), John Stasko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

[TVCG] Semantic Interaction for Sensemaking: Inferring Analytical Reasoning for Model Steering
Alex Endert, Patrick Fiaux, Chris North (Virginia Tech)

Analyst’s Workspace: An Embodied Sensemaking Environment for Large, High Resolution Displays
Christopher Andrews, Chris North (Virginia Tech)

SocialNetSense: Supporting Sensemaking of Social and Structural Features in Networks with Interactive Visualization
Liang Gou, Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang (The Pennsylvania State University), Airong Luo, Patricia F Anderson (University of Michigan)

Applications, Design Studies, and Tools

[TVCG] [Best Paper] Visual Analytics Methodology for Eye Movement Studies
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute IAIS), Michael Burch, Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart)

Spatiotemporal Social Media Analytics for Abnormal Event Detection using Seasonal-Trend Decomposition
Junghoon Chae (Purdue University), Dennis Thom, Harald Bosch (University of Stuttgart), Yun Jang (Sejong University), Ross Maciejewski (Arizona State University), David S. Ebert (Purdue University), Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

AlVis: Situation Awareness in the Surveillance of Road Tunnels
Harald Piringer, Matthias Buchetics (VRVis Research Center), Rudolf Benedik (Kapsch TrafficCom AG)

Smart Super Views—A Knowledge-Assisted Interface for Medical Visualization
Gabriel Mistelbauer (Vienna University of Technology), Hamed Bouzari (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Rüdiger Schernthaner (Medical University of Vienna), Ivan Baclija, Arnold Köchl (Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital Vienna), Stefan Bruckner (Vienna University of Technology), Milos Sramek (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

Visual Analytics for the Big Data Era—A Comparative Review of State-of-the-Art Commercial Systems
Leishi Zhang, Andreas Stoffel, Michael Behrisch, Sebastian Mittelstädt, Tobias Schreck (University of Konstanz), René Pompl, Stefan Hagen Weber, Holger Last (Siemens AG), Daniel Keim (University of Konstanz)

Space and Time

[TVCG] A Visual Analytics Approach to Multi-scale Exploration of Environmental Time Series
Mike Sips, Patrick Köthur, Andrea Unger (German Research Center for Geosciences GFZ), Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin), Doris Dransch (German Research Center for Geosciences GFZ)

Visual Analytics Methods for Categoric Spatio-Temporal Data
Tatiana von Landesberger, Sebastian Bremm (TU Darmstadt), Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute IAIS), Maria Tekusova (SHMU)

Watch This: A Taxonomy for Dynamic Data Visualization
Joseph Cottam, Andrew Lumsdaine (Indiana University), Chris Weaver (University of Oklahoma)

The Analysis Process

[TVCG] The User Puzzle—Explaining the Interaction with Visual Analytics Systems
Margit Pohl (Vienna University of Technology), Michael Smuc, Eva Mayr (Danube University Krems)

[TVCG] [Honorable Mention] Enterprise Data Analysis and Visualization: An Interview Study
Sean Kandel, Andreas Paepcke (Stanford University), Joseph M. Hellerstein (University of California, Berkeley), Jeffrey Heer (Stanford University)

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