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Best Paper Award

Globe Browsing: Contextualized Spatio-Temporal Planetary Surface Visualization
Karl Bladin, Emil Axelsson, Erik Broberg, Carter Emmart, Patric Ljung, Alexander Bock, Anders Ynnerman

Mix: Foundations, uncertainty, particles

Activity-Centered Domain Characterization for Problem-Driven Scientific Visualization
G. Elisabeta Marai

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Theoretical Framework for the Assessment of Continuous Colormaps
Roxana Bujack, Terece L. Turton, Francesca Samsel, Colin Ware, David H. Rogers, James Ahrens

Uncertainty Visualization Using Copula-Based Analysis in Mixed Distribution Models
Subhashis Hazarika, Ayan Biswas, Han-Wei Shen

Screen-Space Normal Distribution Function Caching for Consistent Multi-Resolution Rendering of Large Particle Data
Mohamed Ibrahim, Patrick Wickenhäuser, Peter Rautek, Guido Reina, Markus Hadwiger

Dynamic Load Balancing Based on Constrained K-D Tree Decomposition for Parallel Particle Tracing
Jiang Zhang, Hanqi Guo, Fan Hong, Xiaoru Yuan, Tom Peterka

Volume Rendering

An Intelligent System Approach for Probabilistic Volume Rendering using Hierarchical 3D Convolutional Sparse Coding
Tran Minh Quan, Junyoung Choi, Haejin Jeong, Won-Ki Jeong

A Statistical Direct Volume Rendering Framework for Visualization of Uncertain Data
Elham Sakhaee, Alireza Entezari

SparseLeap: Efficient Empty Space Skipping for Large-Scale Volume Rendering
Markus Hadwiger, Ali K. Al-Awami, Johanna Beyer, Marco Agus, Hanspeter Pfister

Interactive Dynamic Volume Illumination with Refraction and Caustics
Jens G. Magnus, Stefan Bruckner

A Virtual Reality Visualization Tool for Neuron Tracing
Will Usher, Pavol Klacansky, Frederick Federer, Peer-Timo Bremer, Aaron Knoll, Alessandra Angelucci, Valerio Pascucci

Flow Visualization

Robust Detection and Visualization of Jet-stream Core Lines in Atmospheric Flow
Michael Kern, Tim Hewson, Filip Sadlo, Rüdiger Westermann, Marc Rautenhaus

Visual Analysis of Inclusion Dynamics in Two-Phase Flow
Grzegorz Karch, Fabian Beck, Moritz Ertl, Christian Meister, Kathrin Schulte, Bernhard Weigand, Thomas Ertl, Filip Sadlo

A Combined Eulerian-Lagrangian Data Representation for Large-scale Applications
Franz Sauer, Jinrong Xie , Kwan-Liu Ma

On the Treatment of Field Quantities and Elemental Continuity in FEM Solutions
Ashok Jallepalli, Julia Docampo-Sánchez, Jennifer K. Ryan, Bob Haimes, Robert M. Kirby

Topology-based methods

TopoAngler: Interactive Topology-based Extraction of Fishes
Alexander Bock, Harish Doraiswamy, Adam Summers, Cláudio Silva

Clique Community Persistence: A Topological Visual Analysis Approach for Complex Networks
Bastian Rieck, Ulderico Fugacci, Jonas Lukasczyk, Heike Leitte

The Topology ToolKit
Julien Tierny, Guillaume Favelier, Joshua A. Levine, Charles Gueunet, Michael Michaux

Interactive Design and Visualization of Branched Covering Spaces
Lawrence Roy, Prashant Kumar, Sanaz Golbabaei, Yue Zhang, Eugene Zhang

Visualization in Biology and Medicine

Abstractocyte: A Visual Tool for Exploring Nanoscale Astroglial Cells
Haneen Mohammed, Ali K. Al-Awami, Johanna Beyer, Corrado Cali, Pierre Magistretti, Hanspeter Pfister, Markus Hadwiger

Instant Construction and Visualization of Crowded Biological Environments
Tobias Klein, Ludovic Autin, Barbora Kozlíková, David S. Goodsell, Arthur Olson, M. Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola

Decision Graph Embedding for High-Resolution Manometry Diagnosis
Julian Kreiser, Alexander Hann, Eugen Zizer, Timo Ropinski

Visualization Multi-Pipeline for Communicating Biology
Peter Mindek, David Kouřil, Johannes Sorger, Daniel Toloudis, Blair Lyons, Graham Johnson, M. Eduard Gröller, Ivan Viola

Applications and Visual analysis

Multiscale Visualization and Scale-Adaptive Modification of DNA Nanostructures
Haichao Miao, Elisa De Llano, Johannes Sorger, Yasaman Ahmadi, Tadija Kekic, Tobias Isenberg, M. Eduard Gröller, Ivan Barišić, Ivan Viola

DSPCP: A Data Scalable Approach for Identifying Relationships in Parallel Coordinates
Hoa Nguyen, Paul Rosen

PETMiner – A Visual Analysis Tool for Petrophysical Properties of Core Sample Data
Dave G. Harrison, Nick D. Efford, Quentin J. Fisher, Roy A. Ruddle

StreetVizor: Visual Exploration of Human-Scale Urban Forms Based on Street Views
Qiaomu Shen, Wei Zeng, Yu Ye, Stefan Müller Arisona, Simon Schubiger, Remo Burkhard, Huamin Qu

BASTet: Shareable and reproducible analysis and visualization of mass spectrometry imaging data via OpenMSI
Oliver Rübel, Benjamin P. Bowen

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