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Biological, Molecular and Shape Visualization

Molecular Surface Maps
Michael Krone (Visualization Research Center, University of Stuttgart), Florian Frieß, Katrin Scharnowski (University of Stuttgart), Guido Reina, Silvia Fademrecht, Tobias Kulschewski, Jürgen Pleiss, and Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

Synteny Explorer: An Interactive Visualization Application for Teaching Genome Evolution
Chris Bryan, Gregory Guterman, Kwan-Liu Ma( University of California-Davis), Harris Lewin, Denis Larkin, Jaebum Kim, Jian Ma, and Marta Farré

Visualizing Shape Deformations with Variation of Geometric Spectrum
Jiaxi Hu, Hajar Hamidian, Zichun Zhong, and Jing Hua(Wayne State University )

Physics-based Visual Characterization of Molecular Interaction Forces
Pedro Hermosilla, Jorge Estrada, Victor Guallar, Timo Ropinski (Linköping University), Àlvar Vinacua, and Pere-Pau Vázquez

Design Studies and Evaluation

Visualization as Seen Through its Research Paper Keywords
Petra Isenberg, Tobias Isenberg (University of Groningen), Michael Sedlmair(University of Vienna), Jian Chen (University of Maryland Baltimore County), and Torsten Möller (Simon Fraser University)

Comparing Cross-Sections and 3D Renderings for Surface Matching Tasks using Physical Ground Truths
Andreas J. Lind and Stefan Bruckner (Vienna University of Technology)

Urban Pulse: Capturing the Rhythm of Cities
Fabio Miranda, Harish Doraiswamy (New York University), Marcos Lage, Kai Zhao, Bruno Gonçalves, Luc Wilson, Mondrian Hsieh, and Cláudio T. Silva

Visualization and Extraction of Carvings for Heritage Conservation
Kai Lawonn ( Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg), Erik Trostmann, Bernhard Preim(University of Magdeburg), and Klaus Hildebrandt

In Situ Distribution Guided Analysis and Visualization of Transonic Jet Engine Simulations
Soumya Dutta(The Ohio State University), Chun-Ming Chen (The Ohio State University), Gregory Heinlein, Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University), and Jen-Ping Chen

Topology-based Techniques

Topological Analysis of Inertial Dynamics
Antoni Sagristà Sellés, Stefan Jordan, Andreas Just, Fábio Dias, Gustavo Nonato (Universidade de Sao Paulo), and Filip Sadlo (University of Stuttgart)

Jacobi Fiber Surfaces for Bivariate Reeb Space Computation
Julien Tierny(Télécom ParisTech) and Hamish Carr (University of Leeds)

Backward Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponents in Inertial Flows br> Tobias Günther (Institute of Simulation and Graphics, University of Magdeburg) and Holger Theisel(University of Magdeburg)

Fast and Exact Fiber Surfaces for Tetrahedral Meshes <
Pavol Klacansky, Julien Tierny(Télécom ParisTech), Hamish Carr (University of Leeds), and Zhao Geng (swansea university)

Ensembles, Multi-variate and Comparative

Decal-maps: Real-Time Layering of Decals on Surfaces for Multivariate Visualization
Allan Rocha, Usman Alim (University of Calgary) , Julio Daniel Silva, and Mario Costa Sousa (University of Calgary)

Time-hierarchical Clustering and Visualization of Weather Forecast Ensembles
Florian Ferstl, Mathias Kanzler, Marc Rautenhaus, and Rüdiger Westermann (Technische Universität München)

Visualization of Time-Varying Weather Ensembles Across Multiple Resolutions
Ayan Biswas (The Ohio State University), Guang Lin, Xiaotong Liu, and Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University)

A Fractional Cartesian Composition Model for Semi-spatial Comparative Visualization Design
Ivan Kolesár, Stefan Bruckner(Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway), Ivan Viola (Vienna University of Technology), and Helwig Hauser (University of Bergen)

Visual Analysis of Multi-run Spatio-temporal Simulations Using Isocontour Similarity for Projected Views
Alexey Fofonov (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany), Vladimir Molchanov (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany), Lars Linsen


Correlated Photon Mapping for Interactive Global Illumination of Time-Varying Volumetric Data
Daniel Jönsson and Anders Ynnerman (Linköping University)

A Versatile and Efficient GPU Data Structure for Spatial Indexing
Jens Schneider and Peter Rautek(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

Progressive Direct Volume-to-Volume Transformation
Steffen Frey and Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

OSPRay – A CPU Ray Tracing Framework for Scientific Visualization
I Wald, GP Johnson, J Amstutz, C Brownlee, A Knoll, J Jeffers, J Günther, and P Navratil

Direct Multifield Volume Ray Casting of Fiber Surfaces
Kui Wu, Aaron Knoll(University of Utah), Benjamin J Isaac, Hamish Carr (University of Leeds), and Valerio Pascucci(University of Utah)

Presentation, Production, and Dissemination

Vol2velle: Printable Interactive Volume Visualization
Sergej Stoppel and Stefan Bruckner(University of Bergen)

Categorical Colormap Optimization with Visualization Case Studies
H. Fang, S. Walton, E. Delahaye, J. Harris, D. A. Storchak, and M. Chen

Hybrid Tactile/Tangible Interaction for 3D Data Exploration
Lonni Besançon, Paul Issartel, Mehdi Ammi, and Tobias Isenberg (University of Groningen)

GlyphLens: View-dependent Occlusion Management in the Interactive Glyph Visualization
Xin Tong (Microsoft Research Asia), Cheng Li, and Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University)

Lightness Constancy in Surface Visualization
Danielle Albers Szafir, Alper Sarikaya(University of Wisconsin–Madison), Michael Gleicher(University of Wisconsin)

Vectors and Tensors

Glyphs for General Second-Order 2D and 3D Tensors
Tim Gerrits, Christian Rössl, and Holger Theisel(University of Magdeburg)

Hairy Slices: Evaluating the Perceptual Effectiveness of Cutting Plane Glyphs for 3D Vector Fields
Andrew H. Stevens, Thomas Butkiewicz, and Colin Ware

Validation of SplitVectors Encoding for Quantitative Visualization of Large-Magnitude-Range Vector Fields
Henan Zhao, Garnett W. Bryant, Wesley Griffin, Judith E. Terrill, Jian Chen (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Feature Surfaces in Symmetric Tensor Fields Based on Eigenvalue Manifold
Jonathan Palacios, Harry Yeh, Wenping Wang, Yue Zhang, Robert S. Laramee (Swansea University), Ritesh Sharma, Thomas Schultz (MPI for Intelligent Systems), and Eugene Zhang (Oregon State University)

Biomedical Visualization

PelVis: Atlas-based Surgical Planning for Oncological Pelvic Surgery
Noeska Smit, Kai Lawonn ( Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg), Annelot Kraima, Marco DeRuiter, Hessam Sokooti, Stefan Bruckner(Vienna University of Technology), Elmar Eisemann, and Anna Vilanova (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Corresponding Supine and Prone Colon Visualization Using Eigenfunction Analysis and Fold Modeling
Saad Nadeem, Joseph Marino, Xianfeng Gu, and Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)

Combined Visualization of Vessel Deformation and Hemodynamics in Cerebral Aneurysms
Monique Meuschke, Samuel Voss, Oliver Beuing, Bernhard Preim (University of Magdeburg), and Kai Lawonn ( Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)

Comparative Local Quality Assessment of 3D Medical Image Segmentations with Focus on Statistical Shape Model-based Algorithms
Tatiana von Landesberger, Dennis Basgier, Meike Becker

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