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Submitted: 136 Accepted: 35 Acceptance Rate: 25.7%

Volume Visualization Systems

Predicate-based Focus-and-Context Visualization for 3D Ultrasound
Christian Schulte zu Berge, Maximilian Baust, Nassir Navab, Ankur Kapoor

ViSlang: A System for Interpreted Domain-Specific Languages for Scientific Visualization
Peter Rautek(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Stefan Bruckner, Eduard Gröller, Markus Hadwiger(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

Interactive Progressive Visualization with Space-Time Error Control
Steffen Frey (University of Stuttgart), Filip Sadlo, Kwan-Liu Ma, Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

Vivaldi: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Processing and Visualization on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems
HyungSuk Choi, Woohyuk Choi, Tran Minh Quan, David Hildebrand, Hanspeter Pfister, Won-Ki Jeong(UNIST)

Scalar Analysis and Volume Rendering

Sparse PDF Volumes for Consistent Multi-Resolution Volume Rendering
Ronell Sicat (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Jens Krueger, Torsten Möller, Markus Hadwiger(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

Multiscale Symmetry Detection in Scalar Fields by Clustering Contours
Dilip Thomas, Vijay Natarajan(Indian Institute of Science)

Low-Pass Filtered Volumetric Shadows
Marco Ament, Filip Sadlo, Carsten Dachsbacher, Daniel Weiskopf(University of Stuttgart)

Boundary Aware Reconstruction of Scalar Fields
Stefan Lindholm, Daniel Jönsson, Charles Hansen, Anders Ynnerman

Direct Isosurface Ray Casting of NURBS-based Isogeometric Analysis
Andre Schollmeyer,Bernd Froehlich(Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

Perception and Evaluation

An Evaluation of Depth Enhancing Perceptual Cues for Vascular Volume Visualization in Neurosurgery
Marta Kersten-Oertel , Sean J. Chen, D. Louis Collins

Perceptually Uniform Motion Space
Asmund Birkeland, Cagatay Turkay, Ivan Viola(Vienna University of Technology)

A Metric for the Evaluation of Dense Vector Field Visualizations
Victor Matvienko , Jens Kruger

Attractive Flicker: Guiding Attention in Dynamic Narrative Visualizations
Manuela Waldner, mathieu le muzic, Matthias Bernhard, Werner Purgathofer, Ivan Viola(Vienna University of Technology)

Design and Evaluation of Interactive Proofreading Tools for Connectomics
Daniel Haehn(Harvard University), Seymour Knowles-Barley, Mike Roberts, Johanna Beyer, Narayanan Kasthuri, Jeff W. Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister(Harvard University)

Biomedical and Molecular Visualization

Characterizing Molecular Interactions in Chemical Systems
David Guenther , Roberto Alvarez Boto, Julia Contreras Garcia, Jean-Philip Piquemal, Julien Tierny

Ligand Excluded Surface : A New Type of Molecular Surface
Norbert Lindow (Zuse Institute Berlin ), Daniel Baum, Hans-Christian Hege(Zuse Institute Berlin )

ADR - Anatomy-Driven Reformation
Jan Kretschmer, Grzegorz Soza, Christian Tietjen, Michael Suehling, Bernhard Preim, Marc Stamminger

Combined Visualization of Wall Thickness and Wall Shear Stress for the Evaluation of Aneurysms
Sylvia Glasser, Kai Lawonn, Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Skalej, Bernhard Preim

[SCIVIS BEST PAPER AWARD]Visualization of Brain Microstructure through Spherical Harmonics Illumination of High Fidelity Spatio-Angular Fields
Sujal Bista(University of Maryland), Jiachen Zhou, Rao Gullapalli, Amitabh Varshney(University of Maryland)

Feature Extraction and Flows

[SCIVIS HONORABLE MENTION AWARD]A Robust Parity Test for Extracting Parallel Vectors in 3D
Tao Ju(Washington University), Minxin Cheng, Xu Wang, Ye Duan

Exploring Flow Fields Using Space-filling Analysis of Streamlines
Abon Chaudhuri(The Ohio State University), Teng-Yok Lee(Amazon), Han-Wei Shen, Rephael Wenger

Vortex Cores of Inertial Particles
Tobias Günther,Holger Theisel

The Natural Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition For Open-Boundary Flow Analysis
Harsh Bhatia(University of Utah), Valerio Pascucci, Peer-Timo Bremer

FLDA: Latent Dirichlet Allocation Based Unsteady Flow Analysis
Fan Hong, Chufan Lai, Hanqi Guo(Argonne National Laboratory), Xiaoru Yuan(Peking University), Enya Shen, Sikun Li

Flowline Tracing, Clustering, and Visualization

Advection-Based Sparse Data Management for Visualizing Unsteady Flow
Hanqi Guo(Argonne National Laboratory), Jiang Zhang, Richen Liu, Lu Liu, Xiaoru Yuan, Jian Huang, Xiangfei Meng, Jingshan Pan

Trajectory-based Flow Feature Tracking in Joint Particle/Volume Datasets
Franz Sauer(University of California, Davis), Hongfeng Yu(University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Kwan-Liu Ma(University of California, Davis)

Interpolation-Based Pathline Tracing in Particle-Based Flow Visualization
Jennifer Chandler, Harald Obermaier, Ken Joy(University of California, Davis)

Blood Flow Clustering and Applications in Virtual Stenting of Intracranial Aneurysms
Steffen Oeltze(University of Magdeburg), Dirk J. Lehmann, Alexander Kuhn, Gábor Janiga, Holger Theisel, Bernhard Preim(University of Magdeburg)

A Deformation Framework for Focus+Context Flow Visualization
Jun Tao, Chaoli Wang(University of Notre Dame), Ching-Kuang Shene, Seung Hyun Kim

Maps and Topology

Visualizing 2-dimensional manifolds with curve handles in 4D
Hui Zhang (Indiana University at Bloomington), Jianguang Weng, Guangchen Ruan

Fast and Memory-Efficient Topological Denoising of 2D and 3D Scalar Fields
David Guenther(Telecom ParisTech), Alec Jacobson, Jan Reininghaus, Hans-Peter Seidel, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Tino Weinkauf( MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT)

Conforming Morse-Smale Complexes
Attila Gyulassy , David Guenther(Telecom ParisTech), Joshua A. Levine, Julien Tierny, Valerio Pascucci

Escape Maps
Gustavo Mello Machado(University of Stuttgart) , Filip Sadlo, Thomas Müller, Thomas Ertl(University of Stuttgart)

Visualization of Regular Maps: The Chase Continues
Jarke J. van Wijk (Eindhoven University of Technology )

Visual Integration and Design

[SCIVIS HONORABLE MENTION AWARD]City Forensics: Using Visual Elements to Predict Non-Visual City Attributes
Sean Arietta (Univeristy of California at Berkeley), Alexei Efros, Ravi Ramamoorthi(University of California, San Diego), Maneesh Agrawala

Using Topological Analysis to Support Event-Guided Exploration in Urban Data
Harish Doraiswamy, Nivan Ferreira, Theodoros Damoulas, Juliana Freire(New York University), Claudio SilvaNew York University

Activity Detection in Scientific Visualization
Sedat Ozer (Rutgers University), Deborah Silver, Karen Bemis, Pino Martin(University of Maryland)

Trend-Centric Motion Visualization: Designing and Applying a new Strategy for Analyzing Scientific Motion Collections
David Schroeder , Fedor Korsakov, Carissa Mai-Ping Knipe, Lauren Thorson, Arin M. Ellingson, David Nuckley, John Carlis, Daniel F. Keefe

Curve Boxplot: Generalization of Boxplot for Ensembles of Curves
Mahsa Mirzargar , Ross Whitaker, Mike Kirby(University of Utah)

Data Transformation and Comparative Visualization

Volume-Preserving Mapping and Registration for Collective Data Visualization
Jiaxi Hu (Wayne State University), Guangyu Jeff Zou, Jing Hua(Wayne State University )

Fixed-Rate Compressed Floating-Point Arrays
Peter Lindstrom(CASC)

Decomposition and Simplification of Multivariate Data using Pareto Sets
Lars Huettenberger, Christian Heine, Christoph Garth

Multi-Charts for Comparative 3D Ensemble Visualization
Ismail Demir , Christian Dick, Rüdiger Westermann(Technische Universität München)

Stent maps – Comparative visualization for the prediction of adverse events of transcatheter aortic valve implantations
Silvia Born , Simon Sündermann, Christoph Russ, Raoul Hopf, Carlos Ruiz, Volkmar Falk, Michael Gessat

Video and High Dimensional Data

A Structure-Based Distance Metric for High-Dimensional Space Exploration with Multi-Dimensional Scaling
J. Lee, K. McDonnell, A. Zelenyuk, D. Imre, K. Mueller(Stony Brook University - State University of New York)

An Approach to Supporting Incremental Visual Data Classification
Jose Gustavo S. Paiva, William Robson Schwartz, Helio Pedrini, Rosane Minghim

Glyph-Based Video Visualization for Semen Analysis
Brian Duffy, Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam, Simon Walton, David J. Smith, Anne Trefethen, Jackson C. Kirkman-Brown, Eamonn A. Gaffney and Min Chen

The Impact of Interactivity on Comprehending 2D and 3D Visualizations of Movement Data
Fereshteh Amini (University of Manitoba), Sébastien Rufiange, Zahid Hossain, Quentin Ventura, Pourang Irani, Michael J. McGuffin(Ecole de technologie superieure )

GazeVis: Interactive 3D Gaze Visualization for Contiguous Cross-sectional Medical Images
Hyunjoo Song(Seoul National University) , Jihye Yun, Bohyoung Kim, Jinwook Seo(Seoul National University)

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