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Submitted: 126 Accepted: 34 Acceptance Rate: 27%

Volume & Surface Modeling

Fast Blending Scheme for Molecular Surface Representation
Julius Parulek (University of Bergen),Andrea Brambilla (University of Bergen)

Detecting Symmetry in Scalar Fields Using Augmented Extremum Graphs
Dilip Mathew Thomas,Vijay Natarajan (Indian Institute of Science)

Fast Generation of Virtual X-ray Images for Reconstruction of 3D Anatomy
Moritz Ehlke (Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)),Heiko Ramm(Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)),Hans Lamecker(Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)),Hans-Christian Hege(Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)),Stefan Zachow(Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB))

Uncertainty & Multivariate Analysis

An Information-Aware Framework for Exploring Multivariate Data Sets
Ayan Biswas (The Ohio State University),Soumya Dutta(The Ohio State University),Han-Wei Shen(The Ohio State University),Jonathan Woodring

Efficient Local Statistical Analysis via Integral Histograms with Discrete Wavelet Transform
Teng-Yok Lee (The Ohio State University), Han-Wei Shen(The Ohio State University)

Characterizing and Visualizing Predictive Uncertainty in Numerical Ensembles Through Bayesian Model Averaging
Luke Gosink (University of California at Davis),Kevin Bensema(University of California at Davis),Trenton Pulsipher,Harald Obermaier,Michael Henry,Hank Childs(University of Oregon), Kenneth()

Contour Boxplots: A Method for Characterizing Uncertainty in Feature Sets from Simulation Ensembles
Ross T. Whitaker(University of Utah ),Mahsa Mirzargar (University of Florida),Robert M. Kirby

Uncertainty Quantification in Linear Interpolation for Isosurface Extraction
Tushar Athawale(University of Florida),Alireza Entezari(University of Florida)

Vector & Flow Visualization

[HONORABLE MENTION] Adaptive Refinement of the Flow Map Using Sparse Samples
Samer S. Barakat (Purdue University),Xavier Tricoche (Purdue University)

[BEST PAPER]Comparative Visual Analysis of Lagrangian Transport in CFD Ensembles
M. Hummel,H. Obermaier (University of California, Davis),C. Garth,K. I. Joy

Visualization of Morse Connection Graphs for Topologically Rich 2D Vector Fields
Andrzej Szymczak (Colorado School of Mines),Levente Sipeki

Semi-Automatic Vortex Extraction in 4D PC-MRI Cardiac Blood Flow Data using Line Predicates
Benjamin Kohler,Rocco Gasteiger,Uta Preim,Holger Theisel(University of Magdeburg),Matthias Gutberlet,Bernhard Preim

Coupled Ensemble Flow Line Advection and Analysis
Hanqi Guo(Peking University),Xiaoru Yuan(Peking University),Jian Huang,Xiaomin Zhu

Navigation, Interaction & Evaluation

[HONORABLE MENTION]Design by Dragging: An Interface for Creative Forward and Inverse Design with Simulation Ensembles
Dane Coffey (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities),Chi-Lun Lin,Arthur G. Erdman,Daniel F. Keefe (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)

A Multi-Criteria Approach to Camera Motion Design for Volume Data Animation
Wei-Hsien Hsu (University of California, Davis),Yubo Zhang(University of California, Davis),Kwan-Liu Ma(University of California, Davis)

A Lightweight Tangible 3D Interface for Interactive Visualization of Thin Fiber Structures
Bret Jackson,Tung Yuen Lau,David Schroeder,Kimani C. Toussaint ,Jr.,Daniel F. Keefe(University of Minnesota)

Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Visualization Training Approaches for Users with Different Spatial Abilities
Maria-Elena Froese(University of Victoria),Melanie Tory(University of Victoria),Guy-Warwick Evans,Kedar Shrikhande

A Systematic Review on the Practice of Evaluating Visualization
Tobias Isenberg(INRIA),Petra Isenberg(INRIA),Jian Chen,Michael Sedlmair,Torsten Moller(Simon Fraser University)

Biomedical Visualization

Interactive Patient-Specific Vascular Modeling with Sweep Surfaces
Jan Kretschmer,Christian Godenschwager,Bernhard Preim,H. Obermaier ,Marc Stamminger

Area-Preservation Mapping using Optimal Mass Transport
Xin Zhao, Zhengyu Su,Xianfeng David Gu(Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University),Arie Kaufman(Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University),Jian Sun,Jie Gao,Feng Luo(Rutgers University)

Vessel Visualization using Curved Surface Reformation
Thomas Auzinger (Vienna University of Technology),Gabriel Mistelbauer(Vienna University of Technology),Ivan Baclija,Rüdiger Schernthaner,Arnold Köchl, Michael Wimmer(Vienna University of Technology), Meister Eduard Gröller(Vienna University of Technology),Stefan Bruckner(Vienna University of Technology)

Colon Flattening Using Heat Diffusion Riemannian Metric
Krishna Chaitanya Gurijala(Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University),Rui Shi,Wei Zeng,Xianfeng Gu,Arie Kaufman(Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University)

ConnectomeExplorer: Query-Guided Visual Analysis of Large Volumetric Neuroscience Data
Johanna Beyer(Harvard University),Ali Al-Awami(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology),Narayanan Kasthuri(Harvard University), Jeff W. Lichtman(Harvard University), Hanspeter Pfister(Harvard University),Markus Hadwiger(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

Visualization Systems

ManyVis: Multiple Applications in an Integrated Visualization Environment
Atul Rungta ,Brian Summa(University of Utah),Dogan Demir,Peer-Timo Bremer (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory),Valerio Pascucci(University of Utah)

Acuity-Driven Gigapixel Visualization
Charilaos Papadopoulos(Stony Brook University (SUNY)),Arie E. Kaufman (Stony Brook University (SUNY))

An Exploration Framework to Identify and Track Movement of Cloud Systems
Harish Doraiswamy,Vijay Natarajan(Indian Institute of Science),Ravi S. Nanjundiah(Indian Institute of Science)

MObjects. A Novel Method for the Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Defects in Industrial XCT Data
Andreas Reh,Christian Gusenbauer,Johann Kastner, M. Eduard Groller,Christoph Heinz

GRACE: A Visual Comparison Framework for Integrated Spatial and Non-Spatial Geriatric Data
Adrian Maries(University of Pittsburgh),Nathan Mays,Megan Olson Hunt,Kim F. Wong ,William Layton,Robert Boudreau,Caterina

Volume Rendering

Noise-Based Volume Rendering for the Visualization of Multivariate Volumetric Data
Rostislav Khlebnikov (Graz University of Technology),Bernhard Kainz,Markus Steinberger,Dieter Schmalstieg (Graz University of Technology)

[HONORABLE MENTION] Ambient Volume Scattering
Marco Ament,Filip Sadlo (University of Stuttgart),Daniel Weiskopf(University of Stuttgart)

Lighting Design for Globally Illuminated Volume Rendering
Yubo Zhang (University of California, Davis),Kwan-Liu Ma(University of California, Davis)

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