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Submitted: 126 Accepted: 34 Acceptance Rate: 27%

Patterns and Glyphs

[BEST PAPER]Exploring Curved Schematization
Arthur van Goethem (TU Eindhoven),Wouter Meulemans (TU Eindhoven),Bettina Speckmann (TU Eindhoven),Jo Wood (City University London)

FlowString: Partial Streamline Matching Using Shape Invariant Similarity Measure for Exploratory Flow Visualization
Jun Tao(Michigan Technological University),Chaoli Wang (Michigan Technological University), Ching-Kuang Shene (Michigan Technological University)

Non-Overlapping Aggregated Multivariate Glyphs for Moving Objects
Roeland Scheepens (Eindhoven University of Technology),Huub van de Wetering(Eindhoven University of Technology),Jarke van Wijk(Eindhoven University of Technology)

Flow Visualization

FlowTour: An Automatic Guide for Exploring Internal Flow Features
Jun Ma (Michigan Technological University),James Walker(Michigan Technological University),Chaoli Wang(Michigan Technological University),Scott Kuhl(Michigan Technological University),Ching-Kuang Shene(Michigan Technological University)

Scalable Lagrangian-based Attribute Space Projection for Multivariate Unsteady Flow Data
Hanqi Guo (Peking University), Fan Hong(Peking University), Qingya Shu(Peking University),Jiang Zhang(Peking University),Jian Huang(University of Tennessee),Xiaoru Yuan(Peking University)

[BEST PAPER]Moment Invariants for 2D Flow Fields Using Normalization
Roxana Bujack (Leipzig University),Ingrid Hotz(Zuse Institute Berlin),Gerik Scheuermann(Leipzig University),Eckhard Hitzer(International Christian University)

[BEST PAPER]2D Vector Field Simplification Based on Robustness
Primoz Skraba(Jozef Stefan Institute),Bei Wang(University of Utah),Guoning Chen(University of Houston),Paul Rosen(University of Utah)

Multidimensional Data

An Edge-Bundling Layout for Interactive Parallel Coordinates
Gregorio Palmas (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken),Myroslav Bachynskyi (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken),Antti Oulasvirta (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken),Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken),Tino Weinkauf (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken)

Visual Signature of High-Dimensional Geometry in Parallel Coordinates
Xiaoqi Yan(Nanyang Technological University),Chi-Fu Lai (Nanyang Technological University),Chi-Wing Fu (Nanyang Technological University)

ScagExplorer: Exploring Scatterplots by Their Scagnostics
Tuan Dang (University of Illinois at Chicago),Leland Wilkinson(University of Illinois at Chicago)

Using Entropy-Related Measures in Categorical Data Visualization
Jamal Alsakran(The University of Jordan),RXiaoke Huang(Kent State University),Ye Zhao(Kent State University),Jing Yang(University of North Carolina at Charlotte),Karl Fast(Kent State University)


Hierarchical Focus+Context Heterogeneous Network Visualization
Lei Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences),Qi Liao(Central Michigan University),Hanghang Tong(The City University of New York),Yifan Hu (AT&T Labs Research),Yue Zhao (Tsinghua University),Chuang Lin (Tsinghua University)

Rebuilding KEGG Maps: Algorithms and Benefits
Andreas Gerasch (University of Tübingen),Michael Kaufmann(University of Tübingen),Oliver Kohlbacher(University of Tübingen)

Improved Optimal and Approximate Power Graph Compression for Clearer Visualisation of Dense Graphs
Tim Dwyer(Monash University),Christopher Mears(Monash University),Kerri Morgan(Monash University),Todd Niven(Monash University),Jr.,Kim Marriott(Monash University),Mark Wallace(Monash University)

Visual Knowledge Discovery

Maps of Computer Science
Daniel Fried(University of Arizona),Stephen Kobourov(University of Arizona)

Let It Flow: a Static Method for Exploring Dynamic Graphs
Weiwei Cui(Microsoft Research Asia),Xiting Wang(Tsinghua University),Shixia Liu(Microsoft Research Asia),Nathalie Henry Riche(Microsoft Research),Tara M. Madhyastha(Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington),Kwan-Liu Ma(University of California, Davis),Baining Guo(Microsoft Research Asia)

Image Flows Visualization for Inter-Media Comparison
Masahiko Itoh (The University of Tokyo),Masashi Toyoda(The University of Tokyo),Cai-Zhi Zhu(National Institute of Informatics),Shin'ichi Satoh(National Institute of Informatics),Masaru Kitsuregawa(National Institute of Informatics)

Visualizing Hidden Themes of Taxi Movement with Semantic Transformation
Ding Chu(Kent State University),David Sheets(Kent State University),Ye Zhao(Kent State University),Yingyu Wu(Kent State University),Jing Yang(University of North Carolina at Charlotte),Maogong Zheng(Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technologies),George Chen(Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technologies)

Tensor Visualization

Tensor Visualization Driven Mechanical Component Design
Andrea Kratz(Zuse Institute Berlin),Marc Schoeneich(Saarland University),Valentin Zobel(Leipzig University),Bernhard Burgeth (Saarland University),Gerik Scheuermann(Leipzig University),Ingrid Hotz(German Aerospace (DLR)),Markus Stommel(Saarland University)

FiberScout: An Interactive Tool for Exploring and Analyzing Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Johannes Weissenböck(University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus),Artem Amirkhanov (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus),Weimin Li (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus),Andreas Reh (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus),Alexander Amirkhanov (Ufa State Aviation Technical University),Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology),Johann Kastner (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus),Christoph Heinzl (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Wels Campus)

A Visual Analytics Approach to Study Anatomic Covariation
Max Hermann(Bonn University),Anja C. Schunke(Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Ploen),Thomas Schultz(Bonn University),Reinhard Klein(Bonn University)

Geographic/Geospatial Visualization

A Mobile Visual Analytics Approach for Law Enforcement Situation Awareness
Ahmad M. M. Razip(Purdue University),Abish Malik(Purdue University),Shehzad Afzal(Purdue University),Matthew Potrawski (Purdue University),Ross Maciejewski(Arizona State University),Yun Jang(Sejong University),Niklas Elmqvist(Purdue University),David S. Ebert(Purdue University)

Revisiting Crisis Maps with Geo-Temporal Tag Visualization
Hina Aman(University of Manitoba),Pourang Irani (University of Manitoba),Fereshteh Amini (University of Manitoba)

Embedding Temporal Display into Maps for Occlusion-Free Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data
Guodao Sun(Zhejiang University of Technology),Yang Liu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology),Wenbin Wu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology),Ronghua Liang(Zhejiang University of Technology),Huamin Qu(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

[BEST PAPER]Visual Analysis of Movement Behavior using Web Data for Context Enrichment
Robert Krueger(University of Stuttgart),Dennis Thom(University of Stuttgart),Thomas Ertl(University of Stuttgart)

Data Manipulation and Exploration

Efficient Range Distribution Query for Visualizing Scientific Data
Abon Chaudhuri(The Ohio State University),Tzu-Hsuan Wei(The Ohio State University),Teng-Yok Lee(The Ohio State University),Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University),Tom Peterka(Argonne National Laboratory)

Multidimensional Projection with Radial Basis Function and Control Points Selection

Elisa Amorim(University of Calgary),Emilio Vital Brazil (University of Calgary),Luis Gustavo Nonato (University of Sao Paulo),Faramarz Samavati (University of Calgary),Mario Costa Sousa (University of Calgary)

Manipulating Bilevel Feature Space for Category-Aware Image Exploration
Kazuyo Mizuno(The University of Tokyo),Hsiang-Yun Wu(The University of Tokyo),Shigeo Takahashi(The University of Tokyo)

Color Tunneling: Interactive Exploration and Selection in Volumetric Datasets
Christophe Hurter(Univeristy of Toulouse),Russ Taylor(University of Calgary),Sheelagh Carpendale(University of Calgary),Alex Telea(University of Groningen)

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