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Best Paper Award

Modeling Color Difference for Visualization Design
Danielle Albers Szafir


Visualizing Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves
Nam Wook Kim, Benjamin Bach, Hyejin Im, Sasha Schriber, Markus Gross, Hanspeter Pfister

MyBrush: Brushing and Linking with Personal Agency
Philipp Koytek, Charles Perin, Jo Vermeulen, Elisabeth André, Sheelagh Carpendale

Nonlinear Dot Plots
Nils Rodrigues, Daniel Weiskopf

VisTiles: Coordinating and Combining Co-located Mobile Devices for Visual Data Exploration
Ricardo Langner, Tom Horak, Raimund Dachselt

Uncertainty Visualization by Representative Sampling from Prediction Ensembles
Le Liu; Alexander Boone; Ian Ruginski; Lace Padilla; Mary Hegarty; Sarah H. Creem-Regehr; William B. Thompson; Cem Yuksel; Donald H. House

Time and Space

TACO: Visualizing Changes in Tables Over Time
Christina Niederer, Holger Stitz, Reem Hourieh, Florian Grassinger, Wolfgang Aigner, Marc Streit

CasCADe: A Novel 4D Visualization System for Virtual Construction Planning
Paulo Ivson, Daniel Nascimento, Waldemar Celes, Simone DJ Barbosa

Assessing the Graphical Perception of Time and Speed on 2D + Time Trajectories
Charles Perin, Tiffany Wun, Richard Pusch, Sheelagh Carpendale

Timelines Revisited: A Design Space and Considerations for Expressive Storytelling
Matthew Brehmer; Bongshin Lee; Benjamin Bach; Nathalie Henry Riche; Tamara Munzner

TopKube: A Rank-Aware Data Cube for Real-Time Exploration of Spatiotemporal Data
Fabio Miranda; Lauro Lins; James Klosowski; Claudio Silva


Data Visualization Saliency Model: A Tool for Evaluating Abstract Data Visualizations
Laura E. Matzen, Michael J. Haass, Kristin M. Divis, Zhiyuan Wang, Andrew T. Wilson

Open vs. Closed Shapes: New Perceptual Categories?
David Burlinson, Kalpathi Subramanian, Paula Goolkasian

Perceptual Biases in Font Size as a Data Encoding
Eric Carlson Alexander, Chih-Ching Chang, Mariana Shimabukuro, Steve Franconeri, Christopher Collins, Michael Gleicher

Priming and Anchoring Effects in Visualization
André Calero Valdez, Martina Ziefle, Michael Sedlmair

Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization
Bahador Saket, Arjun Srinivasan, Eric D. Ragan, Alex Endert


Scatterplots: Tasks, Data, and Designs
Alper Sarikaya, Michael Gleicher

Considerations for Visualizing Comparison
Michael Gleicher

Structuring Visualization Mock-ups at a Graphical Level by Dividing the Display Space
Romain Vuillemot, Jeremy Boy

Bridging From Goals to Tasks with Design Study Analysis Reports
Heidi Lam, Melanie Tory, Tamara Munzner

Multidimensional Data

Exploring Multivariate Event Sequences using Rules, Aggregations, and Selections
Bram C.M. Cappers, Jarke J. van Wijk

Skeleton-based Scagnostics
José Matute, Alexandru C. Telea, Lars Linsen

Keshif: Rapid and Expressive Tabular Data Exploration for Novices
Mehmet Adil Yalcin, Niklas Elmqvist, Benjamin B Bederson

Visual Exploration of Semantic Relationships in Neural Word Embeddings
Shusen Liu, Peer-Timo Bremer, Jayaraman J. Thiagarajan, Vivek Srikumar, Bei Wang, Yarden Livnat, Valerio Pascucci

Indexed-Points Parallel Coordinates Visualization of Multivariate Correlations
Liang Zhou, Daniel Weiskopf

Text and Machine Learning

Extracting and Retargeting Color Mappings from Bitmap Images of Visualizations
Jorge Poco, Angela Mayhua, Jeffrey Heer

EdWordle: Consistency-preserving Word Cloud Editing
Yunhai Wang, Xiaowei Chu, Chen Bao, Lifeng Zhu, Oliver Deussen, Baoquan Chen, Michael Sedlmair

An Exploratory Study of Word-Scale Graphics in Data-Rich Text Documents
Pascal Goffin, Jeremy Boy, Wesley Willett, Petra Isenberg

Taking Word Clouds Apart: An Empirical Investigation of the Design Space for Keyword Summaries
Cristian Felix, Enrico Bertini, Steven Franconeri

LSTMVis: A Tool for Visual Analysis of Hidden State Dynamics in Recurrent Neural Networks
Hendrik Strobelt, Sebastian Gehrmann, Hanspeter Pfister, Alexander M. Rush

Trees and Table Tennis

iTTVis: Interactive Visualization of Table Tennis Data
Yingcai Wu, Ji Lan, Xinhuan Shu, Chenyang Ji, Kejian Zhao, Jiachen Wang, Hui Zhang

Bubble Treemaps for Uncertainty Visualization
Jochen Görtler, Christoph Schulz, Daniel Weiskopf, Oliver Deussen

Stable Treemaps via Local Moves
Max Sondag, Bettina Speckmann, Kevin Verbeek

CyteGuide: Visual Guidance for Hierarchical Single-Cell Analysis
Thomas Höllt, Nicola Pezzotti, Vincent van Unen, Frits Koning, Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt, Anna Vilanova

Understanding Visualization

Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Evaluating Multidimensional Visualizations for Decision Support
Evanthia Dimara, Anastasia Bezerianos, Pierre Dragicevic

Data Through Others’ Eyes: The Impact of Visualizing Others’ Expectations on Visualization Interpretation
Yea-Seul Kim, Katharina Reinecke, Jessica Hullman

Active Reading of Visualizations
Jagoda Walny, Samuel Huron, Charles Perin, Tiffany Wun, Richard Pusch, Sheelagh Carpendale

Blinded with Science or Informed by Charts? A Replication Study
Pierre Dragicevic, Yvonne Jansen

The Explanatory Visualization Framework: An active learning framework for teaching creative computing using explanatory visualizations
Jonathan C. Roberts, Panagiotis D. Ritsos, James R. Jackson, Christopher Headleand

Graphs and Paths

What Would a Graph Look Like in This Layout? A Machine Learning Approach to Large Graph Visualization
Oh-Hyun Kwon, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Kwan-Liu Ma

Revisiting Stress Majorization as a Unified Framework for Interactive Constrained Graph Visualization
Yunhai Wang, Yanyan Wang, Yingqi Sun, Lifeng Zhu, Kecheng Lu, Chi-Wing Fu, Michael Sedlmair, Oliver Deussen, Baoquan Chen

Functional Decomposition for Bundled Simplification of Trail Sets
Christophe Hurter, Stéphane Puechmorel, Florence Nicol, Alexandru Telea

Orko: Facilitating Multimodal Interaction for Visual Exploration and Analysis of Networks
Arjun Srinivasan, John Stasko

HiPiler: Visual Exploration of Large Genome Interaction Matrices with Interactive Small Multiples
Fritz Lekschas, Benjamin Bach, Peter Kerpedjiev, Nils Gehlenborg, Hanspeter Pfister


Imagining Replications: Graphical Prediction & Discrete Visualizations Improve Recall & Estimation of Effect Uncertainty
Jessica Hullman, Matthew Kay, Yea-Seul Kim, Samana Shrestha

A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies on Data Glyphs
Johannes Fuchs, Petra Isenberg, Anastasia Bezerianos, Daniel Keim

The Hologram in My Hand: How Effective is Interactive Exploration of 3D Visualizations in Immersive Tangible Augmented Reality?
Benjamin Bach, Ronell Sicat, Johanna Beyer, Maxime Cordeil, Hanspeter Pfister

Evaluating Cartogram Effectiveness
Sabrina Nusrat, Muhammad Jawaherul Alam, Stephen Kobourov

Keeping Multiple Views Consistent: Constraints, Validations, and Exceptions in Visualization Authoring
Zening Qu, Jessica Hullman

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