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Optimal Sets of Projections of High-Dimensional Data
Dirk Joachim Lehmann (University of Magdeburg), Holger Theisel(University Magdeburg)

A comparative study between RadViz and Star Coordinates
Manuel Rubio-Sanchez, Francisco Diaz, Laura Raya, Alberto Sanchez

Perception-based Evaluation of Projection Methods for Multidimensional Data Visualization
Ronak Etemadpour, Robson Motta, Jose Gustavo de Souza Paiva, Rosane Minghim, Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira, Lars Linsen

Probing Projections: Interaction Techniques for Interpreting Arrangements and Errors of Dimensionality Reductions
Julian Stahnke, Marian Dörk (University of Calgary), Boris Muller, Andreas Thom


SchemeLens: A Content-Aware Vector-Based Fisheye Technique for Navigating Large Systems Diagrams
Aurelie Cohe, Bastien Liutkus, Gilles Bailly, James Eagan, Eric Lecolinet

High-Quality Ultra-Compact Grid Layout of Grouped Networks
Vahan Yoghourdjian, Tim Dwyer(Monash University), Graeme Gange, Steve Kieffer, Karsten Klein (Monash University), Kim Marriott (Monash University)

HOLA: Human-like Orthogonal Network Layout
Steve Kieffer, Tim Dwyer(Monash University), Kim Marriott(Monash University), Michael Wybrow

AmbiguityVis: Visualization of Ambiguity in Graph Layouts
Huamin Qu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Qiaomu Shen, Yong Wang, Daniel Archambault, Zhiguang Zhou, Min Zhu, Sixiao Yang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Representing Uncertainty in Graph Edges: An Evaluation of Paired Visual Variables
Hua Guo, Jeff Huang, David H. Laidlaw(Brown University)


Visual Mementos: Reflecting Memories with Personal Data
Alice Thudt (University of Calgary), Dominikus Baur (Independent Researcher), Samuel Huron(INRIA), Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary)

Visualization, Selection, and Analysis of Traffic Flows
Roeland Scheepens, Christophe Hurter (DGAC-DTI R& D, ENAC/Univ. Toulouse), Huub van de Wetering (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), Jarke J. van Wijk(Eindhoven University of Technology)

Visually Comparing Weather Features in Forecasts
P. Samuel Quinan, Miriah Meyer (University of Utah)

Vials: Visualizing Alternative Splicing of Genes
Hendrik Strobelt (University of Konstanz), Bilal Alsallakh(Vienna University of Technology), Joseph Botros, Brant Peterson, Mark Borowsky, Hanspeter Pfister(Harvard University), Alexander Lex(Harvard University )

TimeSpan: Using Visualization to Explore Temporal Multidimensional Data of Stroke Patients
Mona Hosseinkhani Loorak (University of Calgary), Charles Perin(University Paris Sud), Noreen Kamal, Michael Hill, Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary)

Design Studies and Methodology

Sketching designs using the Five Design-Sheet methodology
Jonathan C. Roberts (Bangor University), Chris Headleand, Panagiotis D. Ritsos

Bridging Theory with Practice: An Exploratory Study of Visualization Use and Design for Climate Model Comparison
Aritra Dasgupta, Jorge Poco (New York University), Yaxing Wei, Robert Cook, Enrico Bertini(New York University), Claudio T. Silva (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)

Speculative Practises: Utilizing InfoVis to Explore Untapped Literary Collections
Uta Hinrichs, Stefania Forlini, Bridget Moynihan

Poemage: Visualizing the Sonic Topology of a Poem
Nina McCurdy, Julie Lein (University of Utah), Katharine Coles (University of Utah), Miriah Meyer(University of Utah)

Matches, Mismatches, and Methods: Multiple-View Workflows for Energy Portfolio Analysis
Matthew Brehmer(University of British Columbia), Jocelyn Ng, Kevin Tate, Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia)


Spatial Reasoning and Data Displays
Susan VanderPlas, Heike Hofmann

Beyond Weber's Law: A Second Look at Ranking Visualizations of Correlation
Matthew Kay, Jeffrey Heer (Stanford University)

A Psychophysical Investigation of Size as a Physical Variable
Yvonne Jansen( University of Copenhagen ), Kasper Hornbaek( University of Copenhagen)

Guidelines for Effective Usage of Text Highlighting Techniques
Hendrik Strobelt (University of Konstanz), Daniela Oelke (Ubiquituous Knowledge Processing Lab (UKP-DIPF)), Bum Chul Kwon (Purdue University), Tobias Schreck (University of Konstanz), Hanspeter Pfister(Harvard University)

Comparing Color and Leader Line Highlighting Strategies in Coordinated View Geovisualizations
Amy L. Griffin, Anthony C. Robinson

Human Reasoning

How do People Make Sense of Unfamiliar Visualization?: A Grounded Model of Novice's Information Visualization Sensemaking
Sukwon Lee, Sung-Hee Kim, Ya-Hsin Hung, Heidi Lam, Youn-ah Kang (Google Inc.), Ji Soo Yi (Purdue University)

Learning Visualizations by Analogy: Promoting Visual Literacy through Visualization Morphing
Puripant Ruchikachorn, Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)

Acquired Codes of Meaning in Data Visualization and Infographics: Beyond Perceptual Primitives
Lydia Byrne, Daniel Angus, Janet Wiles

Beyond Memorability: Visualization Recognition and Recall
Michelle A. Borkin (Harvard University), Zoya Bylinskii, Nam Wook Kim, Constance May Bainbridge, Chelsea S. Yeh, Daniel Borkin, Hanspeter Pfister (Harvard University), Aude Oliva

Improving Bayesian Reasoning: The Effects of Phrasing, Visualization, and Spatial Ability
Alvitta Ottley, Evan M. Peck, Lane T. Harrison, Daniel Afergan, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Holly A. Taylor, Paul K. J. Han, Remco Chang(Tufts University)

Interactive Systems

Suggested Interactivity: Seeking Perceived Affordances for Information Visualization
Jeremy Boy (INRIA), Louis Eveillard, Francoise Detienne, Jean-Daniel Fekete (Inria)

VectorLens: Angular Selection of Curves within 2D Dense Visualizations
Maxine Dumas, Michael McGuffin, Patrick Chasse

Voyager: Exploratory Analysis via Faceted Browsing of Visualization Recommendations
Kanit Wongsuphasawat, Dominik Moritz (University of Washington), Anushka Anand, Jock Mackinlay, Bill Howe (University of Washington), Jeffrey Heer (University of Washington)

VisDock: A Toolkit for Cross-Cutting Interactions in Visualization
Jungu Choi, Deok Gun Park, Yuet Ling Wong, Eli Raymond Fisher, Niklas Elmqvist

Reactive Vega: A Streaming Dataflow Architecture for Declarative Interactive Visualization
Arvind Satyanarayan (University of Washington), Ryan Russell, Jane Hoffswell, Jeffrey Heer(University of Washington)


Automatic Selection of Partitioning Variables for Small Multiple Displays
Anushka Anand, Justin Talbot (Stanford Unviversity)

A Simple Approach for Boundary Improvement of Euler Diagrams
Paolo Simonetto, Daniel Archambault, Carlos Scheidegger

AggreSet: Rich and Scalable Set Exploration using Visualizations of Element Aggregations
M. Adil Yalcin, Niklas Elmqvist, Benjamin B. Bederson

UnTangle Map: Visual Analysis of Probabilistic Multi-Label Data
Nan Cao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yu-Ru Lin (Northeastern University and Harvard University), David Gotz

A Linguistic Approach to Categorical Color Assignment for Data Visualization
Vidya Setlur, Maureen Stone

Multidimensional Visualization

Off the Radar: Comparative Evaluation of Radial Visualization Solutions for Composite Indicators
Yael Albo, Joel Lanir(University of Haifa), Peter Bak(IBM Research), Sheizaf Rafaeli

Evaluation of Parallel Coordinates: Overview, Categorization, and Guidelines for Future Research
Jimmy Johansson (Linköping University), Camilla Forsell

Orientation-Enhanced Parallel Coordinate Plots
Renata Raidou, Martin Eisemann (Computer Graphics Lab, TU Braunschweig, Germany), Marcel Breeuwer (Eindhoven University of Technology), Elmar Eisemann, Anna Vilanova (TU Eindhoven)

Visualizing Multiple Variables Across Scale and Geography
Sarah Goodwin, Jason Dykes (City University London), Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay (University of Bergen)


Visual Encodings of Temporal Uncertainty: A Comparative User Study
Theresia Gschwandtner, Markus Bogl, Paolo Federico, Silvia Miksch

TimeNotes: A Study on Effective Chart Visualization and Interaction Techniques for Time-Series Data
James Walker(Michigan Technological University), Rita Borgo (Swansea University), Mark Jones

Time Curves: Folding Time to Visualize Patterns of Temporal Evolution in Data
Benjamin Bach (Microsoft Research), Conglei Shi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technoledge), Nicolas Heulot, Tara Madhayastha, Tom Grabowski, Pierre Dragicevic(INRIA)

An Efficient Framework for Generating Storyline Visualizations from Streaming Data
Yuzuru Tanahashi, Chien-Hsin Hsueh, Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)

ThemeDelta: Dynamic Segmentations over Temporal Topic Models
Samah Gad, Waqas Javed (Purdue University), Sohaib Ghani(Purdue University), Niklas Elmqvist(Purdue University), Tom Ewing, Keith N. Hampton, Naren Ramakrishnan(Virginia Tech)

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