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Evaluation And Methodology

[Best Paper] How Capacity Limits of Attention Influence Information Visualization Effectiveness
Steve Haroz (University of California, Davis), David Whitney (University of California, Berkeley)

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Visual Presentation Design between Disciplines
Steven R. Gomez, Radu Jianu, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Hua Guo, David H. Laidlaw (Brown University)

Does an Eye Tracker Tell the Truth about Visualizations?: Findings while Investigating Visualizations for Decision Making
Sung-Hee Kim, Zhihua Dong, Hanjun Xian, Benjavan Upatising, Ji Soo Yi (Purdue University)

[Honorable Mention] Design Study Methodology: Reflections from the Trenches and the Stacks
Michael Sedlmair (University of British Columbia), Miriah Meyer (University of Utah), Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia)

Graphical Tests for Power Comparison of Competing Designs
Heike Hofmann, Lendie Follett, Mahbubul Majumder, Dianne Cook (Iowa State University)

Graphs and Networks

A User Study on Curved Edges in Graph Visualization
Kai Xu, Chris Rooney, Peter Passmore (Middlesex University), Dong-Han Ham (Chonnam National University), Phong H. Nguyen (Middlesex University)

Compressed Adjacency Matrices: Untangling Gene Regulatory Networks
Kasper Dinkla, Michel A. Westenberg, Jarke J. van Wijk (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Visualizing Network Traffic to Understand the Performance of Massively Parallel Simulations
Aaditya G. Landge, Joshua A. Levine (University of Utah), Katherine E. Isaacs (University of California, Davis), Abhinav Bhatele, Todd Gamblin, Martin Schulz, Steve H. Langer, Peer-Timo Bremer (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Valerio Pascucci (University of Utah)

Memorability of Visual Features in Network Diagrams
Kim Marriott (Monash University), Helen Purchase (University of Glasgow), Michael Wybrow, Cagatay Goncu (Monash University)

Interactive Level-of-Detail Rendering of Large Graphs
Michael Zinsmaier, Ulrik Brandes, Oliver Deussen, Hendrik Strobelt (University of Konstanz)

Representation and Perception

[Honorable Mention] Visual Semiotics & Uncertainty Visualization: An Empirical Study
Alan M. MacEachren (Penn State University), Robert E. Roth (University of Wisconsin-Madison), James O’Brien (Macquarie University), Bonan Li (ZillionInfo), Derek Swingley (Penn State University), Mark Gahegan (University of Auckland)

Comparing Clusterings Using Bertin’s Idea
Alexander Pilhöfer, Alexander Gribov, Antony Unwin (University of Augsburg)

Perception of Visual Variables on Tiled Wall-Sized Displays for Information Visualization Applications
Anastasia Bezerianos (Univ Paris-Sud & CNRS (LRI)), Petra Isenberg (INRIA, France)

Visualizing Flow of Uncertainty through Analytical Processes
Yingcai Wu, Guo-Xun Yuan, Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)

[Honorable Mention] Assessing the Effect of Visualizations on Bayesian Reasoning through Crowdsourcing
Luana Micallef, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA)

Space and Maps

Organizing Search Results with a Reference Map
Arlind Nocaj, Ulrik Brandes (University of Konstanz)

Spatial Text Visualization Using Automatic Typographic Maps
Shehzad Afzal (Purdue University), Ross Maciejewski (Arizona State University), Yun Jang (Sejong University), Niklas Elmqvist, David S. Ebert (Purdue University)

Stacking-Based Visualization of Trajectory Attribute Data
Christian Tominski, Heidrun Schumann (University of Rostock), Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute IAIS)

Adaptive Composite Map Projections
Bernhard Jenny (Oregon State University)

Algorithms for Labeling Focus Regions
Martin Fink, Jan-Henrik Haunert (Universität Würzburg), André Schulz (Universität Münster), Joachim Spoerhase, Alexander Wolff (Universität Würzburg)

Design Spaces

Capturing the Design Space of Sequential Space-Filling Layouts
Thomas Baudel, Bertjan Broeksema (IBM ILOG Advanced Studies)

Taxonomy-Based Glyph Design—with a Case Study on Visualizing Workflows of Biological Experiments
Eamonn Maguire, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Jim Davies, Min Chen (University of Oxford)

An Empirical Model of Slope Ratio Comparisons
Justin Talbot (Stanford Unviversity), John Gerth, Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)

Representative Factor Generation for the Interactive Visual Analysis of High-Dimensional Data
Cagatay Turkay, Arvid Lundervold, Astri Johansen Lundervold, Helwig Hauser (University of Bergen)

Graphical Overlays: Using Layered Elements to Aid Chart Reading
Nicholas Kong, Maneesh Agrawala (University of California, Berkeley)

Text and Time

Facilitating Discourse Analysis with Interactive Visualization
Jian Zhao, Fanny Chevalier (University of Toronto), Christopher Collins (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Ravin Balakrishnan (University of Toronto)

Whisper: Tracing the Spatiotemporal Process of Information Diffusion in Real Time
Nan Cao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yu-Ru Lin (Northeastern University and Harvard University), Xiaohua Sun (TongJi University), David Lazer (Northeastern University and Harvard University), Shixia Liu (Microsoft Research Asia), Huamin Qu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Exploring Flow, Factors, and Outcomes of Temporal Event Sequences with the Outflow Visualization
Krist Wongsuphasawat (University of Maryland), David Gotz (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

RankExplorer: Visualization of Ranking Changes in Large Time Series Data
Conglei Shi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Weiwei Cui, Shixia Liu (Microsoft Research Asia), Panpan Xu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Wei Chen (Zhejiang Univeristy), Huamin Qu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Design Considerations for Optimizing Storyline Visualizations
Yuzuru Tanahashi, Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)


Beyond Mouse and Keyboard: Expanding Design Considerations for Information Visualization Interactions
Bongshin Lee (Microsoft Research), Petra Isenberg (INRIA, France), Nathalie Henry Riche (Microsoft Research), Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary)

Intelligent Graph Layout Using Many Users’ Input
Xiaoru Yuan, Limei Che (Peking University), Yifan Hu (AT&T Labs), Xin Zhang (Peking University)

PivotPaths: Strolling through Faceted Information Spaces
Marian Dörk (University of Calgary), Nathalie Henry Riche, Gonzalo Ramos, Susan Dumais (Microsoft Research)

Interaction Support for Visual Comparison Inspired by Natural Behavior
Christian Tominski (University of Rostock), Camilla Forsell, Jimmy Johansson (Linköping University)

RelEx: Visualization for Actively Changing Overlay Network Specifications
Michael Sedlmair (University of British Columbia), Annika Frank (Bertrand AG, Munich), Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia), Andreas Butz (University of Munich)

Sketching and Designing Visualizations

Evaluating the Effect of Style in Information Visualization
Andrew Vande Moere (KU Leuven), Martin Tomitsch (University of Sydney), Christoph Wimmer, Christoph Boesch, Thomas Grechenig (T.U.Wien)

Sketchy Rendering for Information Visualization
Jo Wood (City University London), Petra Isenberg (INRIA, France), Tobias Isenberg (University of Groningen), Jason Dykes (City University London), Nadia Boukhelifa (INRIA), Aidan Slingsby (City University London)

An Empirical Study on Using Visual Embellishments in Visualization
Rita Borgo (Swansea University), Alfie Abdul-Rahman (University of Oxford), Farhan Mohamed (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Philip W. Grant, Irene Reppa (Swansea University), Luciano Floridi, Min Chen (University of Oxford)

Evaluating Sketchiness as a Visual Variable for the Depiction of Qualitative Uncertainty
Nadia Boukhelifa (INRIA), Anastasia Bezerianos (Univ Paris-Sud & CNRS (LRI)), Tobias Isenberg (University of Groningen), Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA)

Understanding Pen and Touch Interaction for Data Exploration on Interactive Whiteboards
Jagoda Walny (University of Calgary), Bongshin Lee, Paul Johns, Nathalie Henry Riche (Microsoft Research), Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary)

Education and Popular Applications

The DeepTree Exhibit: Visualizing the Tree of Life to Facilitate Informal Learning
Florian Block (Harvard University), Michael S. Horn (Northwestern University), Brenda Caldwell Phillips (Harvard University), Judy Diamond (University of Nebraska), E. Margaret Evans (University of Michigan), Chia Shen (Harvard University)

Living Liquid: Design and Evaluation of an Exploratory Visualization Tool for Museum Visitors
Joyce Ma (Exploratorium in San Francisco), Isaac Liao, Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis), Jennifer Frazier (Exploratorium in San Francisco)

Visualizing Student Histories Using Clustering and Composition
David Trimm, Penny Rheingans, Marie desJardins (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

SnapShot: Visualization to Propel Ice Hockey Analytics
Hannah Pileggi, Charles D. Stolper (Georgia Institute of Technology), J. Michael Boyle (Sports Analytics Institute, LLC), John T. Stasko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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