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Personal Information


Ph.D, Computing Science Department of Glasgow University in 1999.

M.Eng and B.Eng, Harbin Engineering University (Former Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute) in 1987 and 1982 respectively.

Research Interests: Computer animation, non-photorealistic rendering, image based 3D reconstruction, computational aesthetics, computer graphics art.

Selected Publications


1. Computational aesthetics of Chinese traditional art and rendering of digital deconstructionism art, NSF of China (61379069).2014.1~2017.12.

2. Modeling and rendering of Chinese traditional graphs, NSF of China (60673007),2007.01~2009.12

3. New techniques for effects animation and high efficiency rendering, 863 hi-tech research and development program of China,2006AA01Z312),2007.1~ 2008.12

4. Integrated System for Cartoon Making , 863 hi-tech research and development program of China, (2004AA119060),2004.10~2005.10

5. Stylised Rendering for 3D Computer Animation, NSF of China (603730374),2004.01~2006.12

6. Stereo Cartoon Animation with the Style of Chinese Painting, NSF of China (60073024),2001.01~2003.12

7.Non-photorealistic Renderoing for Animation, The SRF for ROCS, EM No.(367), 2000.6~2002.6

Contact Information

State Key Lab. of CAD&CG; Hangzhou, 310027; P.R. China

Tel: 0571-88206681-508

Fax: 0571-88206680

Email: jhyu@cad.zju.edu.cn