Welcome to The Third SFU-ZJU Joint Symposium on Big Data and Visual Computing

Big Data and Visual Computing applications are wide-reaching, with potential for innovations in many disciplines, such as environment, medicine, engineering, business, social sciences and humanities. To embrace the unprecedented opportunities and echo the grand challenges, Simon Fraser University and Zhejiang University, the two leading universities in Canada and China, respectively, are determined to build on their long time strategic collaboration and create the next synergy of in-depth and extensive collaboration in Big Data and Visual Computing research and development. The Third Joint Symposium on Big Data and Visual Computing Research is a forum where researchers and students from the two universities will meet, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities.

Symposium Location

曹光彪东楼502 502, East CaoGuangBiao Building

Symposium Schedule

Saturday, May 26 Sunday, May 27
Sunday, May 27
  • Beidou Wang : Personalized Broadcast Email Prioritization
  • Chen Jiacheng and Chen Song : Scalable Distributed Visual Computing for Line-Rate Video Streams
  • Yilong (Jetic) Gu : Neural Machine Translation and Parsing with a Syntax-Aware Language Model and Tree-Structured Decoding
  • Ruoyi Wang : Superoptimization via Program Synthesis for the Human Resource Machine (HRM) Architecture
  • Bowen Chen : Annotate the human genome based on epigenetic data sets via State Space Model
  • Xi Yang : Speeding up Sampling in Key-Value Stores
  • Changgan Chen : Constraint-Aware deep neural network compression
  • Ligeng Zhu : Exploring the relationship between color and object recognition or Sparsely Aggregated Convolutional Networks
  • Boyuan Pan : Discourse Marker Augmented Network with Reinforcement Learning for Natural Language Inference
  • Yu Zhu : Translating Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion with Relation Attention Mechanism
  • Yu Zhu : Brand-level Behavior Prediction with Customized Attention-GRU Model
  • Zheqian Chen: Dialogue Act Recognition via CRF-Attentive Structured Network
  • Wei Ji: Semantic Locality-Aware Deformable Network for Clothing Segmentation
  • Yue Hu: Knowledge-Guided Agent-Tactic-Aware Learning for StarCraft Micromanagement
  • Hui Wang and Hanbin Zhao: Progressive Blockwise Knowledge Distillation for Neural Network Acceleration
  • Liming Zhao: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Merge-and-Run Mappings