Wei Chen
  Affiliations: Address:  
  Professor   State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang
University, 310058, Hangzhou, China.
  Visual Analytics Group
State Key Lab Of CAD&CG
  Colleage of Computer Science
Zhejiang University
  CV: WORD PDF Email:  chenwei [at] cad.zju.edu.cn
 shearwarp [at] gmail.com
Dr. Wei Chen is a professor in State Key Lab of CAD&CG at Zhejiang University, P.R.China. From June 2000 to June 2002, he was a joint Ph.D student in Fraunhofer Institute for Graphics, Darmstadt, Germany and received his Ph.D degree in July 2002. His Ph.D advisors were Prof.Qunsheng Peng, and Prof.Georgios Sakas. From July. 2006 to Sep. 2008, Dr. Wei Chen was a visiting scholar at Purdue University, working in PURPL with Prof.David S. Ebert. In December 2009, Dr.Wei Chen was promoted as a full professor of Zhejiang University. He has performed research in computer graphics and visualization and published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in the last five years. His current research interests include visualization, visual analytics and bio-medical image computing.

Here is the homepage of visual analytics group of State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University.


For my publication list, please refer to the selected list.



  • Best paper Awards of IEEE International Conference of CAD&CG, 2013
  • Distinguished Lecturer, Chinese Computer Federal (CCF), 2013
  • Second Price of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology, 2012
  • The second prize of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Province, 2012
  • Best Poster Award, IEEE Pacific Visualization 2011
  • Honorable Mention for Best Paper Award at IEEE Visualization 2009
  • The third level of the outstanding scholars of Zhejiang Province, 2009
  • Excellent Paper Awards, Chinagraph 2008. Changsha, China, September, 2008.
  • Excellent Supervisor of Challenging Cup, Zhejiang Province, 2007.
  • Excellent Advisor for Undergraduate Students, Zhejiang University, 2006.
  • The Second Prize of Lu Zeng Yong CAD&CG High-Tech Awards, 2005.
  • Excellent Teacher Awards of Zhejiang University, 2004.
  • Excellent Paper Awards of Chinagraph 2004. Xi'an, September, 2004.
  • Das Stipendium des Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (The fellowship of Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Germany) 2000.6-2002.6

  • Wei Chen, Song Zhang, Aidong Lu. Fundamental Theory and approaches of Data Visualization. (In Chinese). June 2013. ISBN 978-7-03-037488-2. Science Press.
  • Wei Chen, Zeqian Shen, Yubo Tao. Data Visualization. (In Chinese), August 2013. ISBN *.. Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Nov.2013.
  • Weidong Geng, Wei Chen. Game Programming. Publishing House of Electronics Industry. (In Chinese). March.2005 . ISBN 7-121-00982-X (Reprinted in 2006,2009, and 2012)
  • Weidong Geng, Wei Chen. Computer Game Programming. Publishing House of Electronics Industry + Kings Information. (In Traditional Chinese). September .2009 . ISBN 978-986-6382-38-3

  • Information Visualization (Winter Semester, 2011-) for undergradute students
  • Computer Game Programming  (Spring Semester,2004,2005,2006,2009) for undergraduate students
  • Introduction to PDE in CS (Spring Semester,2005, 2006, 2007) for Ph.D students

Professional Activity
  • Visual Analysis of Log Data, Invited Speak, CEWIT 2012, Incheon, Korea, 5th-6th, November, 2012
  • Visual Analysis of Log Data, CCF ADL 2012 on Visual Analysis, 18th-20th, August, 2012.
  • Scientific Visualization, Tutorial Talk, National Conference on CAD&CG, Qingdao, July, 2012
  • Research on Visualization, Invited Talk, CUST, Hefei, June, 2012
  • Research on Visualization, Invited Talk, BPAM, Beijing, June, 2012
  • Visualization Research in Zhejiang University, The American-Chinese Cyberinfrastructure and E-Science workShop, VIsualization and Visual Analytics (ACCESS11|VIVA) , Xi'an,15th-17th.August, 2011. (Keynote Talk)
  • AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinement) Visualization Problems, Workshop on Visualization, Beijing, 10th.July, 2011 (Panelist)
  • My Visualization Research, INRIA, Grenoble, France, 28.June, 2011. (Invited Talk)
  • Medical Visualization, Annual Conference of Tianjin Radiolgy Association, Tianjin, 14th.Jan, 2011 (Keynote Talk)
  • Topics of Visual Analytics, Panelist of Graphics Hot Topics, Chinagraph 2010, Nanjing, 13th.October
  • Visualizing Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data, Graphics Seminar (co-located with Pacific Graphics 2010), Hangzhou, 24th.September, 2010
  • Visualizing Sequantial Data, CCF ADL Seminar Talk, Beijing,16.August, 2010
  • Video game and its education in China, Invited talk, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou, May.20, 2009
  • Visualization challenges for China, Key speaker in visualization panel (with Baoquan Chen, Huamin Qu, Xiaoru Yuan, and Guihua Shan) National Workshop on CAD/CG/VR, Hangzhou, May.16, 2009
  • Visualization Research Summary, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, Dec.24, 2008
  • Visualization challenges for China, Academic Committtee Meeting, State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, Nov, 2008
  • Visual analytics of metabolimics datasets for early cancer detection, Changsha, Chinagraph 2008. (Special Visualization Session)
  • Example based illustrative visualization, HKUST, Sep.2008
  • Visual analytics in cancer detection, PURVAC summer education course, Purdue university, July. 2008
  • Recent research summary, Mississpi State University, May.2008
  • Visual analytics of GCxGC-TOF MS datasets, CCE retreat, Dayton, Indiana, USA, June. 2008
  • Example based illustrative modeling and rendering, Crete, Greece, April. 2008 (Eurographics 2008 Tutorial)
  • GPGPU and its application, Xi'an, Chinagraph 2004, Sep. 2004 (Panelist of Special Session on GPGPU)
  • Virtual reality and its application, Wenzhou, China, October. 2002 (Invited talk)