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International Journal Papers Published in 2010

1. Muyang Zhang,Jin Huang,Xinguo Liu,Hujun Bao,A Wave-based Anisotropic Quadrangulation Method,ACM Transactions on Graphics,29 (4),2010
2. Qiming Hou,Hao Qin,Wenyao Li,Baining Guo,Kun Zhou,Micropolygon Ray Tracing with Defocus and Motion Blur,ACM Transactions on Graphics 29(4),2010
3. Xin Sun,Kun Zhou,Stephen Lin,Baining Guo. Line Space Gathering for Single Scattering in Large Scenes,ACM Transactions on Graphics,29(4),2010
4. Zhong Ren,Kun Zhou,Tengfei Li,Wei Hua,Baining Guo,Interactive Hair Rendering Under Environment Lighting,ACM Transactions on Graphics 29(4),2010
5. Lvdi Wang,Kun Zhou,Yizhou Yu,Baining Guo,Vector Solid Textures,ACM Transactions on Graphics,29(4),2010
6. Guo Li,Ligang Liu,Hanlin Zheng,Niloy Mitra,Analysis,Reconstruction and Manipulation using Arterial Snakes,ACM Transactions on Graphics,29(5):Article No.152,1-10,2010
7. Shizhe Zhou,Hongbo Fu,Ligang Liu,Daniel Cohen-Or,Xiaoguang Han,Parametric Reshaping of Human Bodies in Images,ACM Transactions on Graphics,29(4):Article No,126,1-10,2010
8. Long Zhang,Ying He,Jiazhi Xia,Xuexiang Xie,Wei Chen,Real-Time Shape Illustration Using Laplacian Lines,IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,2010
9. Fan HQ,Yu YZ,Peng QS,Robust Feature-Preserving Mesh Denoising Based on Consistent Subneighborhoods,IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Conputer Graphics,16(2):312-324,2010
10. Hong-Jie Cai,Guo-Jin Wang,Constrained Approximation of Rational Bézier Curves Based on A Matrix Expression of Iits End Points Continuous Conditions,Computer-Aided Design,42(6): 495-504,2010
11. Shi-Qing Xin,Guo-Jin Wang,Applying the Improved Chen and Han’s Algorithm to Different Versions of Shortest Path Problems on A Polyhedral Surface,Computer-Aided Design, 42(10): 942-951,2010
12. Shuming Gao,Zhao W,Lin H,Yang F,Chen X,Feature Suppression Based CAD Mesh Model Simplification,Computer-Aided Design,42(12): 1178-1188,2010
13. Jing Bai,Shuming Gao,Tang W,Liu Y,Guo S,Design Reuse Oriented Partial Retrieval of CAD Models,Computer-Aided Design,42(12): 1069-1084,2010
14. Hongwei Lin,The Convergence of The Geometric Interpolation Algorithm,Computer-Aided Design,42(6),2010
15. Shuming Gao,Wei Zhao,Hongwei Lin,Fanqin Yang,Xiang Chen,Feature Suppression Based CAD Mesh Model Simplification,Computer-Aided Design,42(12),2010
16. Ming Li,Frank C. Langbein,Ralph R. Martin,Detecting Design Intent in Approximate CAD Models Using Symmetry,Computer-Aided Design,42(3),2010
17. Yuwei Meng,P.Y. Mok,Xiaogang Jin,Interactive Virtual Try-on Clothing Design Systems,Computer-Aided Design,42(4),2010
18. Holbach G,Kaklis P,Ye XZ,Special Issue on Computer-aided Ship Design,Some recent results and steps ahead in theory, methodology and practice Dedicated to Professor Horst Nowacki on the occasion of his 75th birthday,computer-aided design,42(11) : 953-955,2010
19. Hongwei Lin,Local Progressive-Iterative Approximation Format for Blending Curves and Patches,Computer Aided Geometric Design,27(4),2010
20. Hong-Jie Cai,Guo-Jin Wang,Minimizing the Maximal Ratio of Weights of Rational Bézier Curves and Surfaces,Computer Aided Geometric Design,27(9) : 746-755,2010
21. Xin Zhang,Wei Chen,Jing Fang,Rui Wang,Qunsheng Peng,Perceptually Motivated Shape Exaggeration,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):985-995
22. Xin Zhang,Zhangye Wang,Ran Wang, Zhonglei Yang,Wei Chen,Qunsheng Peng,Real-time Foveation Filtering Using Nonlinear Mipmap Interpolation,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):923-932
23. Jian He,Xi Chen,Zhangye Wang,He Yan,Chen Cao,Qunsheng Peng,A New Adaptive Model for Real-time Fluid Simulation with Complex Boundaries,The Visual Computer,26(4):243-252
24. Juncong Lin,Xiaogang Jin,Charlie CL Wang,Fusion of Disconnected Mesh Components With Branching Shapes,The Visual Computer,26(6-8),2010
25. Chunxia Xiao,Yongwei Nie,Wei Hua,Wenting Zheng,Fast Multi-scale Joint Bilateral Texture Upsampling,The Visual Computer,26(4):263-275,2010
26. Fenglin Tian,Wei Hua,Zilong Dong,Hujun Bao,Adaptive voxels,Interactive Rendering of Massive 3D Models,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):409-419,2010
27. Yongwei Miao,Jieqing Feng,Perceptual-saliency Extremum Lines for 3D Shape Illustration,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):433-443,2010
28. Xin Zhang,Wei Chen,Jing Fang,Rui Wang,Qunsheng Peng,Perceptually-motivated Shape Exaggeration,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):985-995,2010
29. Mingxiao Hu,Jieqing Feng,Jianmin Zheng,An Additional Branch Free Algebraic B-Spline Curve Fitting Method,The Visual Computer,26(6-8):801-811,2010
30. Zhiquan Feng,Minming Zhang,Zhigeng Pan,Bo Yang, Tao Xu,Haokui Tang,Yi Li, 3D-freehand-pose Initialization Based on Operator's Cognitive Behavioral Models,The Visual Computer,26(6-8): 607-617,2010